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Friday, June 14, 2013

Kpop Friday: June 14 is Kiss Day!

The Secret Garden's Foam Kiss.. I wish I could experience that! :D

Hello lovelies!

Its Friday again! woot woot! I know some of you are already excited for this weekend as I surely am!

Today I will be sharing to you a Korean holiday that I just discovered - Kiss Day!

Kiss day is not a national holiday in Korea, its more of like a holiday made by couples in which it gives them all the right to do PDA or Public Displays of Affection.

It seems kind of lame if you are used to couples being all lovey dovey in public, but in Korea being overly lovey dovey is actually not common - Mainly because Korean society is very conservative that these kinds of Western actions are not highly accepted in Korea.

I have actually seen in person how Korean couples interact in public with my Korean friends with their significant others.

I remember one time my male Korean friend was with his girlfriend but he does not hold her hand in public my first reaction was

Oppa wae? -- Why oppa? then pointing at the awkward space between them. 

My Korean friend told me that in Korea, simply holding hands is a public display of affection - which is not accepted there. I actually laughed at the idea and forced them to hold their hands in front of me. I am a really pushy dongsaeng to my Oppa so he and his GF did it but they were flustered by the mere act it was so funny I almost slipped off my seat.

I actually became more curious that I checked out some dramas and you can clearly see there that mere skinship between a male and female is really precious because its 'intimate' for them. 

Here are some examples

See their expressions while the other person is holding or hugging them? Its really funny but kinda sweet too.

To all Korean couples celebrating Kiss Day I congratulate you for showing your love to each other! about you? Do you know about Kiss day? Did you celebrate it?

I'd love to know on the comment box below~

Gotta go! Happy Weekend!

xx Alice


Chai Chen said... [Reply]

Ahhhh I must catch up on Kdramas too! Yay! So cute stories :)

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