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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Girl's Day 'Female President': Like it or not?


Hello! I know I haven't blogged please forgive me TTnTT

Its just been so busy at work that I haven't had a lot of time to post. I will have tons of post soon so make sure to check back ok? 

Okay onto to our post for today: Girl's Day 'Female President' 

Girl's Day was actually more of a cute idol than a sexy one so it was really a big WHOA when I saw them (with less members) AND donning some sexy outfits during their promotion of 'Expectation'

Female President was released last June 25 2013 in addition to a pool party performance of the said song. 

Female President has a rockish type of strums with some faux horn over some synths and dance beats which actually makes the song LSS worthy for me. The song is really memorable if you want to listen to something that can make you say AJA! I can do it!

The thing that confused me about the song though is the title, sure there is a part that mentions a female president, but the song is not entirely about the title. The lyrics of the song is basically telling girls that its okay to be the first one to make a move. 


In Korean society, Korean people are somewhat conservative on these kinds of topics mainly because they think men should be the one to make the first move in a budding relationship. 

I was quite surprised in the lyrics since at the beginning its more of like a conversation to yourself if you should do it or not. I kinda know how it feels because I've had these thoughts before and it will drive you nuts. 


The MV. 

The MV was quite spectacular - according to the guys I've watched it with. The video was clean, there were no special effects or shaky cameras in this one which was nice. There were some parts that almost cost me my jaw to dislocate. 

The beginning scene: The undressing in the silhouette. 


I was taken back with these not because its too sexual, its because its super cool and hot at the same time. It may seem to be too much but I think it was done just right. 

The white board room with Girl's Day on the table. 


The only reaction my male friends said then was: 

If that is how our boardroom would look like I would definitely go to meetings daily! 

I know..TMP (too much perv).

 But for my opinion it was too simple for me if you ask me but still has that touch that its good. 

The sexy blinds. 

This was actually my favorite. I liked that its sexy and flirty since they were dancing behind the blinds and peeking. My friends were actually too engrossed at this point because its like they are watching a burlesque without the clothes coming off which reminds me. 

The Clothes. 

The clothes in this video was a tad short to having your privates. Here are some examples. 


They also have this called the diaper look. I don't know what it is and I don't want to know more. 


They were definitely sexy but I think its too short. especially Yura's dress in the car scene. I was really hoping that I don't see it. 


The song was really nice. Vocally, its definitely something new from Girl's Day. Execution of the song was really nice. I do like the meaning of the song. The MV was just something that made me scratch my head with all the sexiness that only the male species can appreciate it. 

It sure is a song you can listen to when you are working out since its catchy and the beats are really nice to go to when you need a pick me up. 

Have you listened to this song? What's your current Kpop favorite? Let me know below I would really love your opinion :) 

Happy Weekend! 

xx Alice 


Chai Chen said... [Reply]

I like KPOP too Alice and I think this one is somehow revolutionary. :) It maybe one of those that had controversy like when BEG released Abracadabra video before :)

Happy weekend ahead! Keep in touch dear :)

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