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Monday, June 24, 2013

Easy Back to School Look Tutorial

Happy Monday! 

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Soooo... how was your weekend? was it rainy like mine? 

Seriously I don't like rainy days since it will just ruin your outfit and make up...shallow much teh? haha!

I really have the same sentiment to those that are going back to school..especially those that are in college. I remember when I was in college, when it is raining hard I don't have to listen to the news because I know that college students still have to go to school and my only reaction was..

ano kami waterproof?!?!

But alas being a student is something we have to overcome because once that we finished college I tell you that you will definitely miss it! 

On today's make up look will be based on being back to school. I think this is good if you are in college. I will try to make one soon for highschool since I know most high schools don't allow to girls to have too much make up.

How to achieve this look:

For the eyes: 
1. Prime the lids. 
2. Apply a light skin tone color eyeshadow to the inner corners of the eyes and also to the inner part of your lower lash line.
3. Apply a reddish/pink at the center of the lids. 
4. Apply a brown eyeshadow at the outer part and crease area. Don't forget to blend. 
5. Using the same brown eyeshadow, use it as your eyeliner. 
6. Drag the color down to your lower lash line. 
7. Curl your lashes
8. Apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes

And we are done!

For the face: 

1. Prime and Apply foundation or BB cream of choice. 
2. Fill in your brows. 
3. Apply cream/mousse blush. 
4. Top the cream/mousse blush with a pink blush to set.
5. Apply a nudish pink or pink lipstick.
6. Seal face make up with setting powder. 

And that's it! 

This look is pretty simple that you can complete this in around 15 minutes! The key to achieve this look is to move fast since you will be multi tasking for sure. Trust me, if you are a college student this will be your training in the real world haha!

Products used: 
Maybelline BB Stick 
Avon Ideal oil control pressed powder
Fashion 21 eye brow liner
Ever bilena matte lipstick in mauvey and pink flame 
Ever Bilena mousse blush in rose pink 
Avon Holiday collection palette. 
Avon Super Curlacious mascara. 

Here are some picture of the finished look.

Here's the video tutorial! 

Like this look?

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Much Love!

xx Alice


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