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Sunday, June 2, 2013

4Minute Hyun a's 'What's Your Name?' Inspired Make up Look

Happy Sunday Ladies! 

As of the moment I am on a cheeky...did I just use that in a sentence? Haha! Okay basically I am in a great mood today so I will be sharing to you this look I created inspired by the look of 4minute's Hyun a in the MV 'What's your name?'

If you watch the video you would actually be really addicted to the chorus of the song since it goes 'What's your name? What's your number?'...or something like that -_-

Here's the HOW TO:

1. Apply Foundation and Prime your eyes. 
2. Apply a cat eye line using creamy black eyeliner as a base. 
3. Apply black shadow on top of the creamy black liner to seal it all together. 
4. Line the eyes (again!?!?) using liquid liner.
5. apply the creamy black eyeliner to your lower lashes.
6. Apply a brown eye shadow from your crease to the inner corners of your eyes. Make sure to blend
7. Curl lashes. Apply mascara. Falsies are optional. 
8. Contour your cheeks. 
9. Apply red lippie to finish the look. 

Here's the video version! 

Hope you like it! :) 

Products used:
Xiang Hue creamy black eyeliner 
Avon Supercurlacious mascara

If you have tried this look make sure to share a picture of it on my Facebook page

I would really appreciate it :) 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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