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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How to Get Rid of the Nasties: Large Pores

Happy Wednesday Lovelies! 

I am back with a new post about getting rid of those nasties! 

One of the things I think most girls get conscious about as we grow older is having large pores. I am no exception to that since I've noticed it a lot thru pictures of myself when I was younger compared to my current pictures. 

this picture was taken 2009
I can't help ask myself why. It doesn't actually show but there was a time that I was really conscious about it that I don't like taking pictures of myself on an extremely close angle thinking that my pores will show. Call me shallow but it kinda affected me but I accepted it later on that getting larger pores is because of the factors I will share to you girls. I will also share how to lessen or eliminate them all together.

Circa 2012 :D

So.. what's the cause of large pores?

1. Age. 

Yes. As we age our skin looses its suppleness thus with the large pores.

2. The Sun

Like with age, the Sun can also lessen the skin's collagen which is the skins' suppleness so the more the sun damages the skin with prominent exposure can lead to large pores.

3. Our Genes. 

Genetics also play a key role in having large pores. If you are born with oily or oily-combination skin, we easily get large pores because of the excessive oil secretion- thus making our pores look larger. Hormonal changes during our menstrual cycle can also be a factor to large pores.

Here are some things you can do to lessen them.

1.   Use a Primer. 

Using a primer actually makes the skin smoother which can minimize the pores. Make sure apply the primer where you have more large pores to lessen them.


2. Use an Ice Treatment before applying skin care and make up. 

Applying ice to the face for 30-45 seconds actually makes the pores smaller because the ice actually makes the pores restricted thus making them look smaller.

3. Have a weekly exfoliate session. 

For oily to oily-combination skin, exfoliation is important since it will take out the dead skin and excess oil. Try to exfoliate at least 4 times a week to lessen the large pores.

4. Have a make up free day at least 1 week per month. 

Usually it is advisable to have no make up for our skin to breathe more. I actually do this a lot since I know if I apply too much  make up my skin would show signs of aging much faster which includes large pores.

I hope these tips help you out to lessen large pores. If you have other tips you can share comment below I would really appreciate it if you contribute your ideas too.

What would you like to talk about on the next week's topic? Let me know below as well.

Much Love!

xx Alice


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