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Sunday, May 5, 2013

How To: Depot Your Lipsticks

Happy Sunday my dear lovelies! 

Last week I had a 3 day vacation which actually gave me a lot of time to clean up and do inventory on my stuff - especially my make up. I realized that I have tons of lippies I'm running low on but they take too much space on my train case. I love my lippies more that anything and I don't want to throw them away just yet so another solution came to mind. 

To depot them. 

Basically when we say depoting we are only transferring them to another container. Usually this is done on eye shadows and lipsticks to save some space on the make up traincase. 

Here are some stuff you need to depot your lipsticks:.

 1. Spoon
2. Cuticle Pusher or toothpick
3. Candle
4. lighter
5. Empty container
6 Lipsticks

Here's an illustration on how to depot your lippies

Here's the video! 

Have you tried depoting your lippies?

Let me know your experience below!

xx Alice 


Anne Bunyi said... [Reply]

Thanks for sharing. I might do this to my old lippies too :)

Chai Chen said... [Reply]

Oh nice tip! I don't have a lot of makeup products but this might be helpful :)

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❤ ~Chai
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Alice said... [Reply]

@Anne Bunyi Glad to know that you like it Anne! :)

Alice said... [Reply]

@Chai Chen Thanks Chai! :)

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