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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hair Color Update

Hello lovelies!

I hope you are all doing great this Wednesday! I will not be posting a make up 101 this week since I've been quite busy with doing editing and shooting new videos for my make up channel. I will be back next week for sure :). 

On that note, I will share to you girls my hair color update. 

I haven't done an update ever since I colored it so I guess this is a good time to do it since its been at least a couple of months since I got my hair colored blonde.

One thing that is important if you want the color to stay longer and more vibrant is to take care of your hair twice as much as you did when you had your natural hair color.

And I didn't do that. Ha! I really expected that would happen since I don't have a lot of time to do hair masks a lot and also my hair is dry which is prone to these. 

There is still some blonde on the upper part and lower part of my hair but the middle part of my hair has actually returned to its brunette color which actually looked more like an ombre hairstyle. Most of my friends do like this but it looks dirty so I don't think I will stick with this hairstyle for long.

I'm actually thinking of switching to another color soon. I'm thinking red...or pink? haha!

I will let you know soon once I've done it k?

But don't think I'm not doing anything about my hair right now. I'm actually taking care of my hair more since I need to keep it healthy before the next time I will color my hair. I will share some hair masks I use to my hair next time ok?

Have a safe day ahead ladies!

Much Love!

xx ALice


Michelle Grace Magramo said... [Reply]

Sayang! Ang ganda nung blonde hair mo. Mas bagay sayo. :)

uminami said... [Reply]

bagay sau ate, ang ganda ng kulay, anung brand ng hair color ung ginamit nio po? or ngpasalon po kau?

Alice said... [Reply]

@Michelle Grace Magramo Hi Michelle! OO nga ehh sayang sya.. but I will have it done again in a couple of months.. not sure if I'll still be blonde or red na :D

Alice said... [Reply]

@uminami Hi!! I had my hair done sa salon.. for only 300 pesos! :D I forgot the name of the brand pero Golden Blonde yung color nya :)

Sam Lanuza said... [Reply]

I like your hair color but I think Red is okay also. hihi Rock star lang ang peg,


Alice said... [Reply]

@Sam Lanuza korek ka dyan! LOL I'm still contemplating on it at the moment because I know having red hair means I have to take care of my hair more than the usual.. :D Thanks for dropping by Sam! :)

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