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Monday, May 13, 2013

Coffee for your Hair? SURE!

Happy Monday ladies!
What's one thing that can wake you up and also be good to your hair? COFFEE! 

If you girls know me quite well you know that I love coffee - I actually made a post about it!. I also love tea but I am more used to drinking coffee to keep me up and running during my all nighters. Call me biased I don't care LOL.

Coffee is bad for you if you have too much of it. Believe me, I've overdosed in one and I don't want to do it again. 

But coffee can still be good for you so don't lose hope! 

I will teach you something that I've been using for a month now and its called a coffee hair scrub! It will actually leave your hair smooth, soft and shiny! But if you have bleached or light colored hair, I might suggest do another hair scrub since this will leave a tint to your hair. 


1. Coffee (instant or grounded coffee...I used ground for this one)
2. Water. 
3. Measuring cups
4. Shower cap
5. Old shirt.
6. Comb. 
7. surgical gloves.


1. Comb your hair first to prevent tangles in your hair.

2. Get at least 1/2 cup of the coffee then mix it with 1 cup of water. 

The consistency would depend if you use grounded or instant coffee. If you are using grounded coffee, mix 1 cup of the grounded coffee to 1 cup of water. If you will be using instant coffee you could use only 1 tbsp of coffee to 1/2 cup of water. 

The reason why the measurements differ is that instant coffee is more soluble than grounded coffee.

3. Once that you've mixed it together, simply apply it to your hair using your hands.  Use gloves since it will leave a tint and it will feel a little waxy.

4. After applying the solution in your hair put on the shower cap to prevent the coffee grounds to fall off. Let it sit for 15 mins or as long as you want then wash thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner.

If you will be using ground coffee, I suggest to massage it since the solution will also act as a scrub for your scalp making it also a clarifying hair mask.

Also expect that this will be a messy DIY so use a shirt that you don't really care if it gets stained.

Here's a video demo of the hair mask.

And that's it! 

I hope you girls like this!

I will do more coffee inspired DIY projects soon!

Much Love!

xx ALice


Rattus Choki said... [Reply]

Goodam! Thanks for this inspiring post, and coffee smells great, this would also enhance the mood. Btw, I also use warm coffee as eye wash. It feels very refreshing and it's also proven to relieve eye stress =)

Alice said... [Reply]

@Rattus Choki thanks for that info Rattus! I will surely try that too~! ^^,

Janine M. said... [Reply]

Yey this one is really helpful Alice! I'd try it soon! :D

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