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Saturday, April 27, 2013

KPOP Friday: Gentleman Deciphered

Hello lovelies! I haven't done a Kpop Friday in a while and I am really sorry about that. Its just pretty hectic with work since we have been having lots of things to do to improve our teaching skills. I will try to update like before so don't worry about that k?

On today's Kpop Friday post I will share to you some fun facts about Psy's newest song called Gentleman and a slight review of it as well. 

I've actually been listening to that song a lot lately..maybe because the rhythm is really catchy and also the video is funny. The song was released last April 13 which was I think when his concert in Korea was held to if my memory serves me right. 

The song actually got mixed reviews, highly because it got compared to Gangnam Style. I won't really complain if this song got lots of love and hate since people mostly like to compare a lot. 

Here are some fun facts I saw in this video. 

1. Sequel much?

A lot of people have speculated that this is a sequel of Gangnam Style, but in my opinion its not since in Gangnam Style the character of the song is a trying hard man who wants to live the Gangnam Style of life while in this song the character is like a man in Gangnam - no hate to the male population that lives in Gangnam, I know that not all of you are like the one in the video, I should know I have 8 male students that live in Gangnam. 

2. The dance is not originally from Psy. 

Yes I kid you not and its not really a surprise for me since I've seen that hip thrusting dance move from Brown Eyed girls in their song Abracadabra a couple of years back. Psy reportedly paid the choreographer and incorporated his own style into the dance. The dance is called arrogant style mainly because of how you should look while doing it. 

3. From YG Family to Infinite Challenge!

In Gangnam Style, there were lots of celebrity cameos from YG Family which is his label company. In the MV of this song though features members of Infinite Challenge which is a television program in Korea. Its quite popular if you ask me since the hosts and the members of the program are well known comedians in Korea. 

4. Wet Psy...Saywuht? 

If you notice at the bridge of the song Psy has repeatedly said Wet Psy and the first thing that would struck out in your head is what it means. Wet Psy is an inside joke in Infinite Challenge since on one episode Psy  raised his arms in which showed his drenched pits which was really funny. Now you know. :D 

Psy's new song is actually a good one if you ask me since its catchy and can be easily remembered. Unlike Gangnam Style, this has a more memorable rhythm all throughout the song you will still remember some of its parts which is really nice. The meaning is actually a contradictory of its title so you better study your Korean to easily understand this. 

That's it and I hope that you liked this week's Kpop Friday post, I know its kinda late but still I hope you liked it. I will try to post more soon so make sure to drop by okay? 

Happy Weekend and Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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