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Friday, March 1, 2013

Product Review: Urban Decay Supercurl Curling Mascara

Happy Friday! I will be doing a double post today since its the first day of March so watch out for it! ^__^

Remember when I got my Urban Decay Book of Shadows palette last December? It actually comes with the supercurl curling mascara which I have been using after I used the Avon Smooth Minerals mascara see the review here.

The claim: (from the website)

Perfectly sculpted lashes get boost, separation and tons of pretty curl from our Supercurl Curling Mascara, and they’ll last all day! 

Here's the description of the mascara (from the website)

Curl makes a lady. Sculpt your lashes with perfectly sexy curves to feel instantly prettier-than-pretty. Our formula boosts curl, separates lashes, and literally crafts each one into an expertly-shaped, battable set. Part of the secret lies in our molded and curved new technology wand that shapes lashes AND holds curl effectively throughout the day. Even more impressive are the incredible conditioning ingredients in our formula – packed with glycoprotein for lash thickening, moringa seeds to help with curl definition, and Meadowfoam seed oil and Shea Butter for conditioning and smoothing. Take that. We’d probably love this mascara no matter what the tube looked like…. But in the spirit of looking pretty we put it in a stunning mirrored gunmetal tube, embellished with swirling black scrolls. Go on with your pretty self. 

The brush of this mascara is quite good since its curved and the bristles are wide apart which is great for an even application. The consistency is quite liquidy but is quick to dry which is great to eliminate any accidental smudging. Its said to be water proof, which is actually true since I tried using this then going on my daily routine of running errands under the uber humid Philippine weather. The mascara didn't smear nor smudged when I lightly rubbed my eye. You can easily remove this mascara with an oil based make up remover or some make up remover wipes. It took me at least 2 rounds to remove this which is much easier than my previous mascaras. And also this mascara didn't smeared when I was removing it which was a definite plus.

I don't really know how much this is since I got it as part of my Book of Shadows palette which made me feel sad since Urban Decay is not yet available locally, you would have to buy from online stores to get a hold of this mascara.

Here's how my lashes look like with the mascara on.

My Lashes: Curled but no mascara

My Lashes: Curled with 1 coat of mascara
I was surprised how my lashes looked like with this mascara with only one coat. It looks really amazing since its evenly coated and also its just the right volume that I want my lashes to have.

My Lashes: Curled with 2 coats of mascara
With two coats, it is still okay but its in that 'spider lashes' stage but still looks great.

My Lashes: Curled with 3 coats of mascara
And here is my lashes with 3 coats of mascara. You can definitely see the spider lashes are out which actually didn't look good on my lashes since it has clumped up.

What I love about this product:

Easily gave me the desired volume I want for my lashes. 
Made my curled lashes last the whole day without smudging. 
Easier to remove. 
Love the brush! 
Has no pungent scent.

What I don't love about this product:

Not locally available. 


I definitely love this mascara! I don't use it that much though since I still have my Avon Super Curl mascara, but this is great to use when you are going on a night out and you want your lashes to stand out with just one coat! 

Will I repurchase this product? 

I don't think I will be repurchasing this as much as I love the product. This is not locally available which is a challenge for me since I don't have much time to shop. 

Who do I recommend this product to? 

I would recommend this product to ladies who want to achieve that volumized lashes without applying a lot of coats to the lashes. You can easily achieve that with this with only just one coat which made me love it more. 

I currently use this mascara on my tutorials more since I don't really like apply false eyelashes but I still want my lashes to look volumized. Have you tried this product? Share your experience of it on the comments box, I'd love to read your comments :) 

Have a safe weekend ahead and wait for my Kpop Friday post about 2PM! 

Much love! 

xx Alice


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