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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Product Review: Maybelline Clear Smooth BB stick

Hello ladies! Happy Thursday! My goodness its already Thursday again.. I have a lot of posts to share to you girls but since internet at home is not cooperating that well I have to settle blogging at work for now. Thank goodness our company allows me to do my pride and joy (you read that right!). 

On today's post I will be sharing to you my review about my latest BB cream: Maybelline's BB stick! 

If you remember I also did a review on the first Maybelline BB cream that they offered. That BB cream was a little too oily for my skin since it contains glycerine and other substances that can make my skin produce more oil. I think other users of that BB cream had forwarded it to the company that the company made a separate one for those with combination- oily skin. 

without flash

I was really thankful with that because I do love their BB cream because the shade is really close to my pale skin. Sometimes having pale skin is a bad thing because its a little draining to look for a foundation or bb shade fit for my skin. Just for a background about my skin, I have combination-oily skin that is also prone to mild acne breakouts. 
With Flash

  •  Mineral clay formula guarantees 12hr shine control
  • Contains Salicylic acid to manage combination & oily skin.
  •  Provides a soft, matte and radiant finish.
  • Sweat-resistant and sebum – resistant formula leaves skin fresh all day.
  • Hides appearance of pores & imperfection.
  • Contains SPF 21/PA+++ that protects skin from sun damage.
  • Instantly evens skin tone.
  • Provides a power-light feel on skin.
Locally retailed at 249PHP ( approx 6.10USD) for a 10g tube, I think that its a good buy. Its not that heavy on the wallet which is great if you are a student that is on a budget. You do have to be careful with the packaging since the cap tends to come off so you have to put it back on tightly.
Left side has the BB stick while the Right side has no BB stick.. see the difference?

My initial reaction with this product is 

oh woah! 

And yes that was really what I said. I was really impressed because the shade is really close to my original skin color which is really nice. It evened my skin and also brightened it, the finish is soft . My colleagues also said that my skin really looks good when I have this on because the color is really natural and it made my skin look a couple of years younger. 

taken without flash

In terms of how long the product lasts, it doesn't really last for 12 hours on my face. It would last for at least 8 hours max depending on the weather. But that can easily be fixed just by putting on your favorite setting powder.

One main concern I had with this is since it has SPF 21 I'm not sure if this will be great with flash photography since most products that has SPF makes the light bounce off your face which is not good. But with this product, you can definitely see that the light didn't bounced off which is OK for flash photography! yey!

Things I liked about the product:

Lived off most of its claim.
Evened out my skin and brightened it as well.
Locally available.
Effectively covered minor blemishes.
Did not broke me out.
No pungent scent.

Things I don't like about the product:

There are only 2 shades: Fresh and Radiance.


The cap comes off easily.


Overall I think this is a great product to have. Its not overwhelming to use and also its no hassle to use.

Will I repurchase? 

Definitely! But as of the moment I stopped using this because I'm trying a new foundation.

Who do I recommend this to? 

I would recommend this product for those that have combination-oily skin that wants to have an even skin color without packing too much product to the face. Unfortunately if you have a darker skin color either shades available is not fit for morena skin.

Have you tried this product? What do you think about it? Let me know on the comment box below!

xx Alice


Anonymous said... [Reply]

makes me wanna try.. what shade is ideal for fair white skin?

Ruby Es Tee said... [Reply]

makes me wanna try.. what shade is ideal for fair white skin?

Alice said... [Reply]

@Ruby Es Tee Hi! You can try either of the two shades available :)

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