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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Make Up Collection: Face Products

Since I started this blog and also doing beauty related videos on my youtube channel and do make up gigs on the side, I have collected a lot of make up which quite honestly I thought was small but when I look at it now its HUGE.

I was able to collect these much from my purchases while some are gifts from my friends and family or stuff that I won from online contests and such. I was really surprised because while conceptualizing with this post I thought of just doing one video but when I saw all of my make up I thought to just make them in parts so the video will be short and you won't be confused with all the products I will be featuring.

I will start first that this post is not to show off my make up collection since these were either bought with my hard earned money or was given to me by my mom or my friends so please don't judge me. And also I use these products not just to myself but also to my clients on occasional make up gigs.

Let's begin shall we?

Let's start off with the compacts. I am a huge lover of these since you can use them as foundation or as setting powder. I have 2 Ever Bilena Advance compact powders that I use to my clients most of the time. I have three compacts from Avon in which I rarely use as of the moment. Then we have my Maybelline one which I use on myself when I needed some coverage when I look like barely alive LOL. Lastly would be my Maxfactor foundation which I transferred to a compact so I can easily use it on my clients for a full coverage make up.

Now onto BB creams, face primers, liquid foundations and tinted moisturizers. I use these in case my client request for a more dewy look for face make up. My utmost favorite in this part is the Maybelline BB stick because it gives out a soft coverage to the skin which is great on pictures.

Now on to concealers. I only have 3 in my collection. I also added in the picture the kluge compact that I have tried a couple of weeks back.

Those are it on my face products. I could say that I couldn't finish all of this but thankfully I am able to because of my tutorials and also my make up gigs.

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Much love!

xx Alice


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