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Monday, March 25, 2013

How to NOT Look Sick

I am having second thoughts if Summer has really arrived since its been raining for a couple of days already. And because of that I have been feeling iffy a couple of days ago, thankfully I was able to get rid of the colds already so I can get back to work and also with blogging. 

Getting sick doesn't mean that we have to look the part right? That is one thing I don't want to be since being presentable can give you a jumpstart in your day. I've actually started loving putting on make up not because I have to but because I love to. 

So here are some things you could do to NOT look sick: 

1. Apply Foundation.

Foundation, BB cream, or tinted moisturizer can even out your skin especially if you are not feeling good. 

2. Don't put eye shadow on your lids. 

This is only a personal preference, but if you like to put on some go for neutrals since they are easier to pull off. 

3. Apply cream or gel blush. 

Applying such types of blushes actually makes the blush look more natural and it stays on longer. 

4. Go for a thin eye liner. 

Your eyes needs definition especially if you are not feeling okay so just go with a thin eye liner for a natural effect. 

5. Add a pop of color with lipstick. 

Add a bright pink of any shade of preference for a pop of color. A lippie can instantly make you look more fresh without over doing it! 

It doesn't have to be obvious that you have make up on when you are feeling under the weather. The main trick is to make your skin look even toned and also make your skin look healthy. 


Here are also some things for you to prevent not getting the cold or getting sick in general:

1. Eats lots of veggies and fruits. 

Its been said lots of times by our parents, dietician, doctors and even famous celebrities that in order to be on top of your health you've got to eat healthy food.  

2. Keep yourself hydrated. 

One of the things my doctor told me to keep me from getting sick is to keep myself hydrated. Being hydrated keeps our body temperature at its minimum since we are losing lots of water from our system due to sweating or perspiring a lot. Make sure to drink at least 8-12 glasses of water everyday to keep yourself cool throughout the day. 

3. Have ample amount of rest. 

Having enough rest not only energizes you but also keeps your immune system up and going. I have my fair share of getting the flu or colds because I haven't slept a lot when I was in college and also when I was working in a call center which made me realize that its really not worth having an all nighter when your body is feeling sluggish in the day. 

I hope you find these tips really helpful for you not to get sick.

And always remember that our health is very important for us since it can give us more of our life than the money that we earn. 

Much Love and Take Care! 

xx Alice


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