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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

February 2013 Haul

Hello lovelies!

I'm really sorry if I haven't blogged this a bit sooner. As of the moment we are still renovating my studio so I've been pretty busy these days.

On today's post I will be sharing to you the stuff that I've purchase last February. I didn't actually thought that I will be buying so much stuff last month because I was hoping to do major cosmetic purchases around April or May but..oh well. I did went overboard but I will actually give away some of the products that I bought last month so I feel really good about that.

Most of the products that I will be showing in this post will be products that I will do a product review soon which is really exciting since trying out new products are a good thing to do if you are in the beauty blogging industry, because not only will you be trying out new products but also you are sharing your opinion about it.

Let's start first with the hair stuff. I purchased two more shampoos from the Herbs and Beauty line since my balancing essence shampoo is running low I want to have some back up for it. I also bought a conditioner form Personal collections because ever since I had my hair colored I need to have my hair taken care more since it has dried up a lot. I also bought hair spray since I will be doing lots of tutorials, I will need to fix my hair for it as well. I'm actually really excited with doing more tutorials this month since I have a lot in mind for you girls.

Next is make up. I know that I seemed to have a lot of make up already and I can't seem to be contented with my collection but that is because there is so many missing that is why I purchase a lot. I will do a blog sale for sure because I don't want these items to expire and go to waste.

I first bought Avon's Ideal Luminous foundation in Nude. I mainly bought this because I was quite curious with its claim, that it will give you the coverage you need without making your skin look that it really have foundation on. Its quite intriguing don't you think? I will post a review about this soon.

Next is 3 lippies that I got from Avon. I really like Avon lippies so I went and got some from their latest lipsticks from the really kissable line two of which are in berry smooch while I got one shade of Deep Orchid. I also got three free Ideal oil control compacts because of that purchase because they were having an introductory deal in which in each purchase of the really kissable lipstick you get one compact for free! Really great deal right?

I also purchased Sweet Honesty's Moments Eau De Toilette because I really liked the scent. I will actually give this to my mom since she adores Avon's Sweet Honesty line as a gift. I like to spoil my mom once in a while so its not a bad thing to give her this right? and I still have tons of perfumes and colognes to go through because I went VS and BBW crazy last year if you have read my previous posts.

What has been your splurge last month? Let me know on the comments section below.

Much Love!

xx Alice 


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