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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

vLog Round Up January 29 to February 3 2013

Me and my colleagues Cadee(L) and Jhoice(R) guess who's wearing the least amount of make up! :D 
Hello ladies! 

Happy Monday! Really sorry this is quite late. I am still not feeling better today but luckily I was able to push this post in time ^^, 

How was your weekend? I am out with the cold and coughs last weekend which left me with the decision to just stay at home and rest.. well sort of.. :D

Last week was kind of sad for me since it was Jhoice's last week at work. I was quite sad since her last day was our excess day at work which means I wasn't able to see her on her last day of work :( but luckily we'll be able to hang out later since we made a promise to meet up after shift :D

Hope you enjoyed these vLogs!

For some reason, I won't be able to include Feb 3 but I hope you were able to see it on my vLog channel. 

Thank you so much for dropping by! 

Will be uploading new posts soon! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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