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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Urban Luxe Facial Center and Spa Experience + Review

Hello ladies! Happy Valentines! 

I hope you have received your sweet Valentines because as of now I am quite overwhelmed with all the sweet treats I got from my colleagues. I will share those with you next time though. 

On today's post will be about my experience and a review about Urban Luxe Facial Center and Spa. Last February 8, Me and my mom went there to get a diamond peel for the two of us. I rarely get to treat my mom so it was like a  pre-Valentine date for us . I actually won 3k worth of GCs from a month back so this was a definite score moment for me and mom.

So onto the experience, I don't really go to facial centers or to a spa since when I need to relax and pamper myself I would prefer going to the beach instead or jumping into the pool. With that being said, going to Urban Luxe was more of a special thing for me and my mom. I was really surprised since when I contacted them via Facebook to set an appointment, they replied to my message within the day and they are very professional and courteous.

I was a bit bothered though since Urban Luxe is in Alabang and I lived in Quezon City, but for the sake of spending time with my mom I disregarded it. We originally had scheduled the diamond peeling session at 3pm but since I was directionally challenged that day, we were late for at least 30 minutes. Thankfully someone from Urban Luxe texted me that the nearest time we can get our diamond peel session was around 4PM which gave us some time to get there.

Upon arriving at Urban Luxe we were asked if we wanted water or tea since we really looked exhausted. I don't know if the guards that we asked are directionally challenged that day or they just didn't know where we are going. I was really stressed out but luckily the stress went away when we got to the spa.

Urban Luxe's waiting area is quite small but really nice since their chairs are really cute and comfy. My mom actually wanted to get one which was quite funny. The attendants of the said facial center are also really nice since I asked if I can take pictures and they gladly gave me a tour of the premises. I wasn't able to take pictures of my mom or myself having the facial session since we went on different rooms and I don't want to stress myself in taking pictures while getting pampered LOL.

They have individual rooms and also a special rooms in which you could have a couples massage and a SPArty how cool is that right? They also have individual rooms for singles. They also play really relaxing music in which while I was having my diamond peel session got me really sleepy, I was able to have a nap during my session because my attendant, Lei (if my memory serves me right and if I spelled it right) also did some massage while she waited the firming mask had set. The massage were really nice and she had really gentle hands that I was able to sleep a little during the session.

Overall the experience was really great minus the irritating directions the guards gave to me and my mom that also blew my fuse. You may find Urban Luxe a little off the grid if you do not live within Alabang area but its nice and they give great service. I am really glad I won those GCs for me and my mom. Its a great experience indeed.

Urban Luxe Facial Center and Spa is located at Unit 101 Southgate Bldg. 1508 Finance St. Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang Muntinlupa City.

You can also visit their Facebook page ^^,

Much Love!

xx Alice


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