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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Product Review: Garnier Oil Clear Pore Tightening and Anti Shine Astringent

Happy Tuesday! 

I will be doing lots of product reviews this week so expect more of this! :D 

Since the weather had been changing like crazy, my skin has been acting up a bit as well. I have oily, acne-prone skin so sometimes the weather change is a good thing for me especially during colder months. But since the weather has becoming more humid lately, I've noticed my that I'm oilier than ever! 

I really don't like having a shiny face because light bounces off my face thus making my skin look like a light reflector in pictures. You can just imagine the things I have to do to keep the shine at bay. 

Lately I have been using Garnier's oil clear toner to keep the shine away. Garnier's Oil Clear pore tightening and anti shine astringent promises that it will keep the shine away from the face as much as possible to give you that perfect skin you always wanted. 

I haven't really tried any Garnier products since most of the products they have that I have seen are only for whitening which I don't really need. Thankfully, I was able to see this and just had to try it. 

One word of advise: since this is an astringent, expect that its quite harsh for the skin since astringents are the strongest type of toner in the market. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to steer clear of this one. 

With my current skin care regimen, I only do the 3 step rule which is CLEAN, TONE, and MOISTURIZE. I do have oily skin which will make my skin much oilier with the moisturizer, but you do need to consider that it still needs moisture so I don't skip the last step anymore. 

This was taken before I started using the toner.

Within the first two weeks of using this product, I did see some change since I don't get that much whiteheads and blackheads anymore besides when the hormones are on hyper drive. I also noticed that my skin looks a bit more brighter even without concealer which is a good thing if I don't want to wear too much make up on a certain day. The toner did make my skin feel a bit tight when I use it but its nothing to get bothered about since it is mainly doing its job.The scent is also not that overwhelming like other astringents. It did keep its promise since I noticed that my face tends to show some shine after at least 2 hours after using this, but that is with moisturizer which is a good sign. 
This is during the first week I started using the toner. You can see that my T-Zone is less oily than the first picture above.
I like the packaging since its clear so you will be able to see how much product you still have. It is a little bulky, but if you are not going to bring it outside its okay, if you are you will have to transfer this product to a travel friendly bottle so you can tote this around with you. I also like that the cap doesn't come off easily to prevent spillage. For around 160PHP, you get a 150mL which is not that bad since it will last you for at least 2 or 3 months of continuous usage.

Things I like about this product:

Did not break me out.
Good packaging.
Keep shine away for at least a couple of hours after applying to the skin.
Brightened my complexion a bit.
No harsh effects on my skin.
Cheap and locally available.

Things I don't like about this product:

None as of now.


I really really like this product. Not only did it keep the shine at bay, it also did gave my skin a lift since it brighten it. I really like it but I can't say that its going to be my holy grail toner yet.

Will I repurchase?

As of the moment, I think I will have to pass in buying another one of this since I will be trying out other toners in the market to see if there is something similar or can withstand what Garnier did to my skin.

Who do I recommend this product to?

I recommend this product to girls that have oily skin and want to keep the shine away. This product doesn't promise keeping it away for the whole day but you will see a difference on how much oil it can keep out of your face throughout the day.

Tips from Garnier: 

  •  Apply to the face with cotton. 
  • Avoid the eyes when applying this product. 
  • Do not used on blistered skin. 
  • Not recommended for dry and sensitive skin.
 Personal Tips:
  • Wait at least 15-30 seconds before moving on to applying face products, this will give time to let the product settle in  the skin. 
  • Use this product twice a day- in the morning and before you go to bed. 
  • Use daily to see results.
 I hope this review will be able to help you choose if you want to try this product out. If you have used this product, comment below and share your experience with this product.

Have a safe day ahead!

Much Love!

xx Alice


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Anonymous said... [Reply]

Is there a website were I can order it..

Alice said... [Reply]

@Anonymous hello! I am not sure if you can order this online but I'm pretty sure this is available in stores and supermarkets :)

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