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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Product Review: Avon Smooth Minerals Mascara

Hello ladies!

Happy Thursday! Time flies by so fast don't you think? Today is also the last day of February which is quite sad since one of my good colleagues is resigning and today is her last day :( I will surely cry lots of tears because of this. Thankfully, I won't be having those horrible Panda eyes because of it.

On today's review will be all about Avon's Smooth Minerals Mascara.

One of the things I really keep in mind when I buy mascaras is if they can make my lashes look as really natural to the point that someone would ask me if I'm wearing falsies (kidding!) But kidding aside, I really do keep in mind that the mascara had to look natural and also it has to be waterproof because having Panda eyes are not cute. 

To start this review I would just like to give you a background about my lashes: I have thin lashes that are not naturally curled. It actually points down when I don't curl my lashes. I mostly prefer mascaras that can give volume to my lashes since it gives them the effect of my eyes looking bigger and more awake.

Avon's Smooth Minerals Mascara doesn't really promise anything from the brochure. Locally retailed at around 420 PHP (approx $10.31 USD), but usually this mascara goes on sale for at least 50% off on their previous catalogs. This mascara has a hour glass shape brush which is quite hard to manipulate if you are in a hurry. There were some episodes that I almost poked my eye with the brush especially when I'm in a hurry.

You can check below what my lashes look like with 1-3 coats of this mascara to see what it looks like up close.

My lashes: no mascara and curled.

My lashes: 1 coat of mascara
With one coat of mascara, I can see that it has given my lashes minimal volume which is good if you ask me.

My Lashes: 2 coats of mascara
With two coats of mascara, you would definitely see that it has made my lashes vavavoom with volume. I really do like this one since its just right.

My Lashes with 3 coats.
With three coats though is a different story since it has made my lashes from full of volume to having too much volume. 

The packaging is quite simple and nothing too flashy which most Avon cosmetics packaging have. In terms of the scent and the consistency of the product, This product has that icky mascara scent that is overwhelming to the nose if you sniff the tube, but it doesn't last long. The consistency is quite thick so if you apply more than one coat, you will have to wait a while to let it dry. 

One thing I was quite disappointed with this product is that its not smudge proof and water proof. I've had some incident that I accidentally rubbed my eyes which made the mascara transfer to the the skin under my eyes which gave me Panda eyes - Not good. 

What I like about this product: 

Gave me my desired volume lashes with two coats. 
Locally available. 

What I don't like about this product: 

Not waterproof.
Not smudge proof.
Quite pricey if you buy this at its retail price. 
Has a not so good scent. 


I like that this product gave me the volume I need for my lashes, but I don't want to use this a lot solely because this is not water proof and smudge proof. I don't really like to experience having Panda eyes anymore. 

Will I repurchase this product? 

No. I think I will just look for another mascara that would do the same but is smudge and waterproof. 

Who do I recommend this to?

If you don't have the habit to rub your eyes you can try this product. I think this is also great if you live in a not so humid environment since it can affect the consistency of the product more. 

I'm actually really disappointed with this mascara since it didn't work for me. I do like that it gave me the volume I need, but I would also like it to last even if I accidentally rub my eyes. 

Have you tried this mascara? Share your experience about it on the comments box. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


Krysta Rivera said... [Reply]

Two coats look perfect. The brush is kindda spooky though... :)

Alice said... [Reply]

@Krysta Rivera I agree! and also its quite difficult to maneuver when you do the wiggle with the wand :D

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