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Monday, February 18, 2013

Product Review: Avon Simply Pretty BB Cream

Happy Monday ladies! I am back with another post for today. 

 This week will be review week which means I will be featuring some products on my blog that is either a winner or not so much in my experience. On today's product review it will be about Avon's Simply Pretty BB Cream.

I know that BB creams are all over the place and I have just started going over some, but its definitely not too late to check them out. I have actually seen this one on last month's Avon catalogue and told myself why not try it right? So I did and I didn't really put any high expectations on this one so my heart won't break if it doesn't work out.

Avon's Simply Pretty line is mostly dedicated for teens and young adults, or for those that don't have a lot of money to buy expensive cosmetics. You may consider this mid range if you ask me. Packaging wise, this is in a 20g pink tube that has purple writing. The packaging is quite cute and simple but doesn't really catch my attention. This is retailed at an introductory price of 169 PHP (Approx 4.16USD )but now it is priced at 199PHP (Approx 4.90USD).

One thing I noticed about this product is it has a manufacturing date in which you will be able to know when the product would last once it has been opened.  

There are 2 shades available which is Nude and Light. If you have the same skin tone as I do, I would recommend nude, this also goes for darker skin tones. The other shade which is light is fitted for much lighter skin colors. If you have alabaster white skin, light can be your shade. Unfortunately they don't have a shade for morena skin.

With Flash

The consistency is quite watery so make sure to shake the tube first so that the consistency my thicken a little. When applying this product, I suggest you apply this with your hands instead of a brush since it dries fast when applied with a brush, you may end up with uneven application. Coverage is light to medium which is okay to use for everyday.

The claim of this product is to give your skin a smoother and whiter appearance. I don't really need my skin to be whiter than it is but I would really like it to be smoother.

At first application, I noticed that it reduced appearance of my acne scars and it brightened my skin a little bit. The finish is a soft dewy finish to the skin due to glycerin. Lasting power is about 1 hour before I start to touch up. I actually got some breakouts while using this. I got four to be exact.

Things I like about this product: 
- Locally available. 
- Cheap. 

What I don't like about this: 
- There is only 2 shades available. 
- Tends to cake up faster. 
- Not sweat-proof.
- Broke me out.

I wouldn't say that I hate this product even though it broke me out a couple of times, I just think Avon should make a new formulation good for oily skin since this would not fit for teens, especially since most teens would have oily skin. I also don't like that there are only 2 shades available, it would be much better if they have darker shades that would be fit for morena skin. 

Would I repurchase this? 
No. Simply because I don't think this will work for me. 

Who do you recommend this product? 

I would recommend this to girls that have dry skin. I think this would be much better for those skin types since this product has glycerin which is good for dry skin. 

That's it for today's review. I am pretty disappointed with this product even though I lowered my expectations. I do hope Avon makes another variant of this product that would be great to use for oily skin. 

Have you tried this product? 

Let me know on the comments section below! 

Much Love! 
xx Alice 


Joy Calipes-Felizardo said... [Reply]

Gee, I didn't know na meron na ring BB Cream ang Avon. I've been using Etude's and have quite been impressed with what I used before, Elianto. Though I don't have the courage to do reviews!

Alice said... [Reply]

@Joy Calipes-Felizardo really? I want to try EH's BB cream but don't have the time to buy one ehh...I didn't know Elianto has a BB cream :D I hope you make a review about the BB creams that you've tried ^^,

Ruby Es Tee said... [Reply]


I've been using Avon Simply Pretty BB cream for almost a month now because my mother bought it for me. I liked it so far. You're right about how it lessens the appearance of acne marks and lighten skin tone. It didn't cause me breakouts though.

You inspired me to write about this.

keep posting! :)

Alice said... [Reply]

@Ruby Es Tee That's good to know that this product works for you ^^, I liked this BB cream too before but since it gave me break out I do have to stop using it :(

And also thank you for saying that ^^, I really appreciate it :)

xx Alice

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I found it powdery & worse, not sweat proof. Healthy skin ( also from avon) is a much batter choice; higher priced, though

Alice said... [Reply]

@Anonymous I agree! I want to try their Healty BB cream too but I'm currently on a make up shopping ban :( maybe on April I will purchase one.. Thanks for dropping by!

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