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Monday, February 25, 2013

Product Highlight: Personal Collections' Herbs and Beauty Shampoo

Happy Monday ladies! How was your weekend? mine was superb and I will let you know all about it soon :D 

On today's post will be all about another Personal Collection product which is for the hair: Herbs and Beauty Shampoo.

Herbs and Beauty shampoo is available in three variants but I was only able to try their Balancing Essence and their Deep Cleansing Essence. There isn't much to say about these shampoos since it only does what it is intended to do.

I do like that these shampoos can be used alone or with a conditioner and also its quite cheap since its only 120 PHP for a 300 mL bottle. The scents are also not overwhelming when you use the scent stays on for at least 2 hours after you have used it. I also noticed that I don't lose that much hair anymore when I use this shampoo.

The packaging though is not that great since the cap easily breaks when you drop the bottle. you can also opt to turn the bottle upside down for easy dispensing but if you place this in an uneven surface it might not stay upright for long. I also had to hold on to this product when I am taking a shower since its packing is not that easy to grip when your hands are wet.

Over all I think this shampoo is great to use because it keep my hair in top shape without making it flat. The only down side is the packaging, I do hope they make a sturdier packaging with this

Are there any hair products you want to me try out? Comment below so I can list it down.

Have a happy Monday!

Much Love!

xx Alice


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