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Friday, February 1, 2013

No Make Up....No Confidence?

 Being a beauty blogger/vLogger has its perks but there are also some things that people think we do that are generally not true. Some people think that Beauty blogger/vloggers have perfect skin, lots of money, and has a perfect life. 

Well you are wrong. 

Not all beauty blogger/vlogger have perfect skin or a platinum credit card ready at their disposal to buy the latest make up collection. Beauty blogger and vloggers alike are just like anyone else - we are human. Some of us are more fortunate that they are able to buy items that other people can't. 

This also goes with make up. Some people think that just because you are a beauty blogger means that you wear make up 24/7 - not true. 

If you do watch my vlogs you would see that I rarely wear full on make up at work. I simply think that make up is there to enhance our natural beauty - not to hide what we naturally have. 

A lot of girls nowadays suffer from lack of confidence, I won't lie that I sometimes feel insecure towards my looks and think little of myself. That is pretty much how I felt a couple of years back. I didn't think I was pretty enough or slim enough to get a chance to meet great people and experience great adventures. Luckily, I was able to get out of that phase.

I had a big issue with myself back then, I still have it but I am trying to be a better me everyday.  

I still have an issue with my weight. I know its a petty one but being fat almost all your life is pretty depressing. But now I have accepted myself and I am trying my best to be better in life: to have a healthier life. 

The reason I made this post is from JlovesMac video about confidence. You can check the video here. A lot of girls, especially those that have skin problems turn to make up to hide their insecurities but without make up, they feel naked and insecure. 

To those ladies that think having no make up means having no confidence in yourself, you are beautiful just the way that you are. You don't need make up to meet other people and experience great company, you just need to be yourself for them to see who you really are. Make up can be wiped off and washed away but confidence comes within. 

Just like Rihanna said in Diamonds

Shine bright like a diamond...

Because you are. 

Me and  my gorgeous colleagues 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


Anne Bunyi said... [Reply]

nice topic... yeah I totally agree! I also believe it's always the way you handle yourself...

Alice said... [Reply]

@Anne Bunyi Thanks Anne! ^^,

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