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Friday, February 1, 2013

Kpop Friday! Eat Your Kimchi!

Hello ladies! Its Friday again and I'm making a double post today! waha! I know I don't usually make double posts but I'm being extra generous because my energy is getting low here at work. I think blogging will boost my spirits with today's Kpop Friday post! so corny! haha!

I really want to go to Korea for the longest time. But because of financial and personal reasons I cannot do it at the moment but thankfully I am able to know a lot about Korea with this couple that I regularly watch on Youtube! 

Their names are Simon and Martina, the name of their Youtube channel is EatYourKimchi. They usually post Kpop related articles like hit charts of the latest songs, MV reviews, Life in Korea, How to get around in Korea - Basically everything and anything you want to know about Korea. 

As a foreigner, I would really like to see Korea through their experiences, I especially like their TL:DR episodes since they share their experiences about life in general in Korea. Besides from their TL:DR they also showcase some Kpop indie bands and do exclusive segments like FAPFAP which is Food Adventure For Awesome People. They also have a segment called WANK which is Wonderful Adventure Now Korea. 

I know that the acronyms of WANK and FAPFAP remind you of something else so STOP THINKING ABOUT IT! haha! 

I've started watching them since last year, I am actually a silent viewer since I didn't subscribe to them at first because I was a bit intimidated with they terms and expressions that they use on their video, you would actually be able to get it in the long run. Its like watching English soaps with all the British terms that will make your head scream. 

So if you want to see Korea through a first hand experience and also see the up and coming tracks of Kpop better visit Simon and Martina's website here

I hope they'll be able to see this! 

Have a safe weekend lovelies! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

NOTE: pictures that were posted are from and from google. I do not own these pictures.


~Eccentric Yet Happy said... [Reply]

Whoa! Interesting post. I didn't know about Korea though I have a lot of my friends are half-Korean half Filipino.

corrine said... [Reply]

Never been at korea but will do remember to visit their site to know more about korea.

corrine said... [Reply]

I never been to korea but will keep that in mind to visit their site when got the chance to go there.

Alice said... [Reply]

@~Eccentric Yet Happy Thanks! :)

Alice said... [Reply]

@corrine Thanks corrine! :)

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