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Friday, February 15, 2013

Kpop Friday: Ailee and Lee Hi ^^

Hey! I'm back again! I'm doing a double post today. I wasn't able to do Kpop Friday for like 2 weeks because I wasn't really doing research on Kpop those weeks. I'm really sorry again. But I will surely be back for more! 

On this week's Kpop Friday I will be featuring not one but two Kpop artists that I've recently been listening to. If you have watched my previous vlogs you would probably have heard me humming from their songs. I am talking about Ailee and Lee Hi!

Let's start first with Amy Lee , better known for her stage name Ailee. Ailee is a Korean- American singer that is under YMC Entertainment which is the same management of Wheesung and Mighty Mouth. She debuted with her single "Heaven" on February 9 2012. Before her debut as a Kpop artist though she was an artist under an independent agency that is based in New york and New Jersey where in she was able to collaborate with local artists in the United States. 

She also gained a lot of attention when she was featured with Wheesung on MBC's Chuseok special episode of "Singer and Trainee" in which Ailee was able to win the first place in the show's ranking.

What I really love about Ailee is that you can see that she has that American flavor in music but still it sounds very Kpop. I also love that she has that Beyonce-ish appeal which actually why she is called the Beyonce of Korea. 

Check out why she is really the Beyonce of Korea in this clip. 

Now let's move on to Lee Hi. 

Lee Ha Yi or more commonly known as Lee Hi is mostly known as being the runner up for Survival Kpop Star in 2012. She is currently under YG Entertainment - same management that has 2ne1 and Bigbang.

Lee Hi made her solo debut last October 29 2012 with the song "1,2,3,4" which is really catchy. She is also known to be a student of Simon of EatYourKimchi (check my post about them here). 

Lee Hi's voice is actually very different from the typical Kpop singer. It does remind me of Duffy is some way because of the dynamics of her voice. I really like Lee Hi's debut song because its very soulful. My Korean friend actually asked me to sing it for his girlfriend because she likes it as well. If ever I do a cover of this song I will share it to you girls as well. 

Check out the song here. 

Which Kpop artist have you been listening to lately?

Comment below please :)

Have a great weekend!

Much Love!

xx ALice


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