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Thursday, February 7, 2013

January 2013 Favorites

please don't mind the avon anew genics in the pic. I forgot to take it off the set up :D

Hello lovelies!

Its Thursday again and I can't believe it! My goodness I am so excited since I just have to wait for 1 more day for a great surprise I have for you all ^__^

On today's blog, I will be sharing to you my January Favorites! I have actually been using these products throughout the month of January and I really find that I reach out for these products a lot during a video shoot or when I'm about to go out. Let's get started shall we? 

Carmex Lip Balm

Since it has been getting a little chilly this January, my Carmex Lip Balm was a buddy in not getting any chappy lips. My lips has also been drying quite a lot so I put this on my make up bag at all times.

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey

This has been also a winner for me last January. I don't know but the color just seems to work out on almost all my make up looks may it be smokey or neutral or every wacky. I also used this on some of my clients which they definitely love as well.

Kiss Beauty Fruit Lipgloss in Honey Peach.

I've recently made a review about this product which you can check out here. I mainly love this product for the scent and the color alone. Like my EB lippie this has been a constant companion on those days that you just feel iffy that you don't want to wear any make up but you still want to look presentable.

Glysomed Hand Cream.

You can check out my review about this product as well here. I mainly love this product for the mere fact that it prevented me from having dry hands. I have been doing a lot of work last month since we have started cleaning up and sorting out whats needed to be given away or thrown out.

Just Like Home Room and Fabric Spray.

I am so in love with this product just because its to the typical vanilla scent in which its quite pungent that you want to throw up. This has more of a floral scent which is very feminine and also soothing. I never go to sleep without having a few sprays of this in our room.

Nivea Deo Star Deodorant.

I have been using this deo a lot mainly because the scent is very nice and its not overwhelming to the nose. It doesn't really last all day but it does keep any unwanted smell away...if I did perspired a lot.

Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV

Lastly, I have been loving my newest palette which is also my first (and probably not last) Urban Decay palette. I like this palette mainly because all the colors are workable for any occasion. You can use this for a neutral look or smokey eyes look that is good for daytime and night time. I will post the last look for this palette soon so watch out for that.

Those are my favorites for the month of January. I really did use a lot of products last month which was weird but amazing. I will definitely try to use my other products more since one of my resolutions for this year is not leave any product hanging since almost all of them are from my hard earned money from my teaching job.

So what's your January faves?

Let me know on the comments section below!

Much Love! 


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