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Monday, January 28, 2013

When to throw away old products from the vanity/make up area

Hello ladies! How was your weekend? I had a great time last Saturday and Sunday since it was a productive and fun weekend for me, but enough about that let's talk about the topic for today:

When to throw away old products from your vanity/make up area?

I have already talked about when to throw away old make up in which you can check here but how about other non make up stuff? Here are some of what I've come up with.

Hair Dye

With hair dye the maximum shelf life of this is 12 months or 1 year. Even if its unopened or unused the product has to be disposed because if you use it the color pay off would be either patchy or would not work at all.


If we are talking about perfumes, it depends on how much alcohol content it has. If it has higher alcohol concentration it will last you a longer time for sure. I can't really say how long since most perfumes last more than a year as per personal experience. Also in comparison to natural and synthetic made perfumes, natural scents have a shorter shelf life. In terms of the scents, wood scents last longer than citrus and other varieties. If you would like your scent to last longer, keep the cap of the perfume bottle on at all times to prevent the alcohol from evaporating.

Make up remover. 

This one is another tricky one. In terms of the make up remover, I would really suggest you get the oil based ones since they last longer. Also don't opt for make up wipes since they dry up faster.

Face creams.

With face creams like moisturizers and face masks, you have to trust your senses with this. Most moisturizers have a shelf life of three to twelve months. For other face stuff you need to remember that if it doesn't smell the same when you first bought and used it - It has to go.

Those are some of the things I can share to you about throwing away old products to give way to your new products. But always remember that you have to finish up your product before moving in to the next new thing in products so you won't be overwhelmed ok?

I hope you find these helpful!

Have a safe week!

Much Love!

xx Alice 


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