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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

vLog Round up: January 21-28 2013

Here's from my latest tutorial check it out here

Hello again! 

I totally forgot about vLog round up last night! Luckily I remembered to post this. Sometimes my memory is getting low.. I should really drink more memory boosting vitamins up in my system. 

So this I will be posting vLogs from January 21 to 28 for this week. I was really surprised with the response I've been getting with my vLogs especially to those that I know personally because they were surprised how spontaneous I am with my quick thoughts and also my reactions on certain incidents that happen on a day to day basis. 

And also I am so thankful to new friends that I've met through vlogging. I think vLogging has made a way for people to know me more than just being maldita-looking as some people perceive I am. In reality, I am very nice and fun to talk to, I may look like a snob but I'm not one since I see a good side in everyone I meet. 

I hope you ladies enjoy watching these vLogs! 

I hope you girl have a great week ahead!

Much Love!

xx Alice


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