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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Product Review: Cuties and Charm's Kiss Beauty Fruit Lip Gloss

Hello lovelies! I am back with a new review~! I'll try to post reviews more since I have tons of new products.

If you girls remember I am not much of a lip gloss fan because I always get teased that I looked like I ate lechon. Its a joke I know but it kinda offends me. Since then I don't really use glossy lipsticks. So for today's review it would be for Cuties and Charm's Kiss Beauty Lip glosses.

I actually got this from Cuties and Charm because of the size. It has a cute packaging that actually reminds me of Tony Moly's fruit lipgloss! This can actually be a dupe for that since the Tony Moly ones are a little over 300 pesos if my memory is right.

These are retailed at 120 pesos each. It doesn't really how the ingredients of this product which is a bit of a down side for me. I don't know maybe because I have been reviewing a lot of items I really want to see what is in it. This also comes in seven colors which are Honey Peach, Pomegranate, mangosteen, Plum, Apple, Strawberry, and Cherry. I only got two colors which are Honey peach and pomegranate. 

Packaging wise, they are cute a good thing to have on your vanity. I'm not pretty sure about bringing this around.  The applicator is a doe sponge applicator which you can also use to spread the product evenly into your lips.

For this review, I am only going to show two shades which are honey peach and pomegranate. One distinct thing I noticed about this is that the lipgloss is very fragrant and it smells like the fruit it represents. Out of the two I like honey peach the most since it reminds me of some Japanese Honey peaches I always get when I have a package from Japan when I was younger. Both products do have a hint of color so you can actually wear this on even without lipstick. 

Here are the lip swatches

without any product

Honey Peach
Honey peach is a light pink or pale pink shade. This is great to use for nude to nude-ish pink lippies like my Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick. 

Pomegranate has a brighter pink hue which is close to the color of my lips. I prefer using this alone.

Lasting power is okay. It mostly lasts around 3-4 hours if you are not fond of puckering your lips a lot. But if you have that habit it would be much less for sure. If you are eating out and you will be using this there is a 50% chance that it will only last for at least 2 hours. As I've tried it before when I went out for drinks with my best guy friends last December.

What I like about this product:
- Really Cheap! only 120 pesos each.
- Great selection of colors.
- Cute Packaging.
- Quite Pigmented.
- Fragrant scent

What I don't like about it.
- You can't really bring this anywhere since it can be a bit bulky.

- Doesn't last that long. But since this is a lip gloss re-applying is a must.

I love this since its cute and quite pigmented. You can use this on its own or on top of your fave lippie. I do hope that they have more flavors of this but the seven colors are good as well.

Who do I recommend this to?
I would recommend this on lip gloss fanatics to try. And also if you don't like to apply lipstick, you can try this one instead.

Cuties and Charms will be selling this by set for 350 php which is a great deal for all the lipgloss girl there.

You can check out this and other awesome items from Cuties and Charms here.

Much love!

xx Alice 


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