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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Product Review: Avon Ideal Shades Liquid Foundation

Happy Thursday! 

I'm currently back to work but I still feel that I am vacation! What is wrong with me? LOL honestly I thought today is still January 2 but unfortunately its not haha! 

For some its back to school or back to work while there are others that are still enjoying their vacation. Sige lang enjoy nyo lang yan tignan naten pag dating ng Monday di ka maiyak sa dami ng work load mo LOL bitter mode sorry~

But aside from that I hope that you had a great new year with your family, friends, significant other and everyone else that you love! 

I haven't posted a review in a while so I thought why not post one as a starter for this year right? ^__^
I will be reviewing my latest foundation which is Avon's Ideal Shade liquid foundation. Quite honestly I don't apply foundation much to my face since I prefer minimal make up as possible since I am always in a hurry for work. 

Before I forget, This review was not sponsored nor was I influenced by the said company to do this review. I bought the product with my own hard earned money. All opinions expressed in this review is solely from myself and was not influenced by anyone.  Results and opinions may vary from one consumer to another. It is still your decision if you want to try out this foundation. 

I was actually looking for a foundation I could use to my clients that is light weight, has light to medium coverage and is not hard on the budget. I am currently saving up for my studio and my DSLR that is why I need something good to use for Filipina skin and also will not break the bank.

And then I found this.

I have seen reviews online about this foundation and I think giving this a try would not hurt since I got this for 199php during one sale Avon was having a couple of months back. I like that the packaging is sturdy and sleek although its quite cheap. This product comes in a 30mL Glass bottle.

You have to shake the bottle first before applying the foundation since the water of the product separates if not used. You do have to be careful in opening it since it doesn't come with a pump it will cause some product spillage (check pictures above)

With Flash
This product comes in two shades which are Natural and Shell. I opted to go with shell since I have fair skin. Upon checking with a swatch at the back of my hand I noticed that it is a little to liquidy if you don't shake it properly. The color is quite different from what I've seen in the brochure but its not much of a bother since you can buff it with your brush.

Without Flash.

As you can see at the top picture, it is a little dark although it says Shell. I actually underestimated this product since it blended well at the back of my hand. This product leaves a semi matte to dewy finish in my skin with a light to medium coverage. I like that I don't have to use highlighter for this product since it becomes dewy after some time.

had been blended into the back of my hand.

(Left: Without Foundation Right: With one layer of foundation.)

 When I tried it on my face I was like whoa there! may multo teh! It is a little light for my skin but after some time it will adjust in your skin color. You can also top it off with a powder similar to your skin color. I like that that foundation is not too heavy on the skin thus it is good to use everyday. The only down side though is when I am outside this foundation melts up pretty fast so expect to re-apply soon.

Lasting power would depend though. If you only going to use it for indoors, it would last for about 5-8 hours with minimal touch ups, but don't expect this to last long when you are outside and it is scorching hot.

Thing I Like about this product:
sturdy and sleek packaging
good coverage for everyday use.
doesn't feel greasy upon application.
great price. You just have to make sure it is on sale though ^_^

Things I don't like about this product:
only 2 shades available.
does not come with a pump.
not readily available since you have to order it thru an Avon representative.

its not okay to use for scoarching weather


good foundation although the color selections are limited and there is no pump, the coverage saved the day.

Who do I recommend this product?

I would recommend this product to those that are starting since you can practice with this. 

Have you tried this product? What do you think about it? 

Let me know on the comment box and I'll talk to you soon! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


Krysta Rivera said... [Reply]

Packiging looks messy to work with but the coverage is fine... Good luck on your studio. :D

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