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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Organizational tips for your vanity/make up area

Please don't mind the non make up related products in the picture.
I am a self confessed organized mess.  What I mean by that is sometimes I am fine with having my make up stuff all over my vanity area. Believe me I have a lot of products in my vanity.

I have mostly all of the stuff you need from hair to body to the face even for taking care of your feet! I have a lot of stuff that I have in my vanity which gives me the problem of how to store them properly. I'm generally not an OC person when it comes to having my stuff everywhere but there are those times that you just really get the urge to clean up just because. 

I know you do so don't deny! 

So one weekend I decided to clean up my vanity area just to settle everything I have in my vanity area. If you are organizing your stuff as well here are some tips you can do to less or at least make your vanity/make up area more pleasing to the eye. 

1. De clutter EVERYTHING. 

Take out all your stuff from your vanity area so you can see what you are working with. If you are working into a small area like me consider segregating the items into categories for you to have an easier time to pull them out if you need them.

2. Throw away or giveaway your unused products. 

Most make up and beauty enthusiast do have a lot of products that most of them won't even get to see daylight (don't deny). Unfortunately since these products are at the most back part of your vanity, they expire without you even knowing it. 

One solution I have is to regularly check the stuff that you have in your vanity.  If you haven't used them in 3 months and they are still okay you can give them to your friend or sister. But if they have expired, sad to say you have to throw them out.

3. Make use of storage materials.

Use storage boxes to store your most used stuff or have a basket ready to use when you are taking a bath.
Its much easier that way than rummage through your stuff when its time to get ready for work or school.

If you don't want to spend money in storage boxes why not use those small gift boxes you got last Christmas? Just be creative to make your day more efficient when you're fixing yourself.

Over all, when you are fixing your vanity just keep in mind that a clean make up area can make you more inspired throughout the day.

I hope these tips would be able to help you de-clutter your make up area which is a good start for the new year.

Have a safe day!

Much love!

xx Alice


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