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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Make up Trends of 2013

Hello ladies! since the start of the year, many girls are looking for the latest make up trend that hit the runway. Of course I am one of those ladies since I love make up and I am still learning more about it.

Here are some of the things I've seen so far that is a big hit on the runway this 2013

 Red lips.

its been really common on the runway such as from Prada,Burberry, Missoni, Oscar de la Renta and among others that red lips are a hit.

From a creamy scarlet hue to matte finishes. To crimson to pinky-reds to even dark and dramatic hues are in trend this season.

Quite honestly I think red lipstick are a classic so its not new to see these in the runway. The trick is you have to know which shade of red looks good on you.

 More defined eyeliner

Cat eye make up was a hit last year, I can't blame it since it really makes a heck of a difference in your eyes.

This season, eye liner takes on its full effect. Any style you name it - tight outlining, soft smudged for a smokey effect, it has been seen on the runway.

With the likes of Roberto Cavalli and Lanvin, this trend is really making a great comeback. 

 Bold Brows

Bold brows have a definite staying power since last season they were on trend, they are still here. If you have full brows to begin with just given them a comb and some eye brow gel to get them to stay in place.

Blues and green are in!

Blue and green colors are in this season. I think maybe because Emerald is the color of the year that is why they are a hit as well.

If you want to pull off this look make sure to go with vibrant shades of turquoise and aqua.
 Glowing skin this Spring

I think having a fresh glowing skin is a great way to start the year. And for this season fresh glowing skin is in trend.

Much like to most runway shows I've watched showcase a variety of fresh glowing models.


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