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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Make up 101: Beginner's Guide to Lip Products

Hello ladies!

Its Wednesday at last! did you know that I love Wednesday? I do! Mainly because its the middle of the week which means I only have two days to wait for the weekend. I know it seems so shallow but admit it that you also feel the same way.

On today's Make up 101 we'll talk about different lip products.

When I was younger, my mom had a wide range of lipsticks in which I only thought that lipsticks are the only product you can put on your lips. As I grew older, I learned about different kinds of lip products that you can alternately use for your lips.

Lip Balm

Lip Balm is I think one of the most basic thing you'll need for your make up kit. Lip balm is a wax like substance that you apply to your lips to relieve chapped or dry lips and to basically be your 'sunscreen' and moisturizer

There are some lip balms that have SPF like Nivea and Carmex, while there are some that don't have like Burt's Bees.

There are also Lip balms that have a tint of color so you won't have to apply lipstick if you are in a hurry.

If choosing for a lip balm, keep in mind to choose those that have SPF to also protect your lips from UV rays.

Lip Tint

Lip tints in the other hand give our lips color without the glossy or shine effect.

Lip tints are quite long lasting since they don't have gloss. Lip tints are also great if you are on the go since more lip tints can also be used as cheek tints like Ever Bilena's Lip and Cheek tint or Elf's lip stain.

Lip tints are also great to give out that flush of color without looking like a clown.

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is a product that can be used to put a subtle shine to the lips.

Most lip gloss available in the market also has a hint of color to enhance the lipstick we have underneath.

Lip glosses on the other hand do not last long since it can be easily wiped off so reapplying is a must if you like lip gloss.


Now on to lipsticks, Lipsticks are products that puts color on our lips.

There are many types of lipstick formulas in the market, if you want to know what's the best for you, check out my previous make up 101 about lipstick formulations here.

Depending on the formulation, lipsticks can last long and can give out a different feel to your look.

 Lip Plumper

Lip plumper is a specialty product since it makes the lips fuller and gives it more shape. In appearance it can range from translucent to tinted.

Lip plumper is great to use if you have thin lips, but if you have thick lips you might have to stay away from this product since it can make your lips bigger thus giving a 'fish lips' look which is not pretty.

 Lip liner

Lip liners or lip pencil is like a lip plumper but the job of this product is to fill out un even lips to give an illusion of fuller ones. Lip liners can also be used to alter the shape of the lips which is great if you want a smaller or bigger lips.

For beginners, I do suggest you have a lip balm or lip tint on your make up kit. Trying out different lip products is great but try them one at a time to know which is good for you.

I hope these helped you in knowing different lip products more.

Have fun in exploring make up and Good luck

Much Love!

xx Alice


cadee said... [Reply]

I need those lip balms. I have cracks at the corners of my mouth and I don't know how to treat them.huhuuh anyway Nice post.

Renee said... [Reply]

Renee said...

wow akalain mo naka sama pa sa post mo yung VS ko na lip gloss. i tell you this is really good on the lips!!! thanks for the pix and post!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

The colors are really great and thank you for the information. My favorite is RED...hihihi Ü

tyna said... [Reply]

I haven't tried the lip plumper and lip liner coz i dunno how to use them. I hope you'll make tutorial soon!! ^^

Alice said... [Reply]

@cadee Hi Cadee! I think you can treat those with some topical cream you can buy at the drugstore.. and also there are a lot of cheaper lipbalms you can use in the market :)

Alice said... [Reply]

@Renee oo nga po nasama yung VS lip gloss mo ^^, thanks for dropping by mami! :)

Alice said... [Reply]

@Anonymous you're welcome dear :) thanks for dropping by! :)

Alice said... [Reply]

@tyna Hi Tyna! I'll try to make a post about those next time ^^,

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