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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Make up 101: Beauty Resolutions To Do This 2013

Hello lovelies! The New Year has arrived and I know everyone has made up their own list of resolutions and I have some too but I will tell you all about it next time since for now would be for Make up 101! 

I haven't written a post about this for a long time please forgive me on that, Its just I had a writer's block about sharing some info here that I totally forgot about make up 101 Wednesdays. I will try to share more make up information to you girls this 2013 I promise! 

Talking about resolutions I know the most common is losing weight, having a healthier lifestyle and such..but how about your skin? I'm actually giving more focus on my skin this 2013 since I sometimes neglect my skin when I feel too tired with everyday stress factors. Here are some of my beauty resolutions to do this 2013. 

1. Invest in great skin care regimen and keep it! 

I have experimented in a lot of skin care products last 2012 which I can say is a bit of a hit and miss. I will still try new skin care products in the market but I will try to limit them since I still have some to finish up. 

2. Have a weekly clean up of brushes and invest on new ones. 

This is one thing I keep forgetting to do every week. I seriously need to do this since I know that dirty brushes mean bacteria build up that can give you break outs. I will also be investing in new brushes this 2013 since I will be doing a lot of make up tutorials this year. 

This is my picture by the way. I just wore my contact lens

3. Do not neglect the brows anymore. 

If you noticed, on some of my videos my brows are in tip top shape while in some it looks like its been slaughtered.  I promise to make my brows more presentable by grooming and shaping it as much as possible. 

4. Get a facial at least 4 times this year. 

Getting a pro to clean your skin is a little pricey but trust me if you get the best your skin will look its best. Last year I only got two facials so I am aiming for at least 4 sessions to the dermatologist this year. 

5.   Go to make up school....or at least buy make up books to learn more make up tricks.

I have been planning on going to make up school for the longest time and I think its either now or never. I will be checking some make up schools that my make up artist friends had offered so I'll keep you girls updated on what will happen. But if ever that make up school won't push through I will just purchase some make up books so I can still learn some new tricks. 

Keeping resolutions would feel like a chore but if you make it your goal each resolution you set will be a piece of cake for sure. 

What's your beauty resolution for this 2013? Let me know at the comment box below I'd love to know. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


Jenny Austria said... [Reply]

i do want to invest also in the makeup brushes! damn why are they so pricey~

Alice said... [Reply]

@Jenny Austria I agree! But there are actually great quality brushes available in the market that other beauty bloggers I know have raved about. I will try those this week so I hope you'll be able to check that out :) Happy New Year Jenny :)

CarmisCaprice said... [Reply]

Super agree with your beauty resolutions!

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