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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First Impressions: Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. 4

Hello my beautiful lovelies! I am currently feeling under the weather again since I didn't get ANY sleep last night. Call me crazy but its all for you my'll find out soon why I didn't sleep again on my vLog.

So enough about that. I would just like to share my latest palette and my first impressions on it. The palette I'm talking about is Urban Decay's Book Of Shadows Vol. 4. I got this as a prize from a giveaway of Kiray08ever on youtube.

I would just clarify that neither she nor the company asked me to do this post. I am really happy and blessed to be able to use this palette. This would definitely be a great addition to my growing number of products that I will be using on my make up gigs.

So basically the Book of Shadows palette is made for you to create looks with these uber pigmented eye shadows even if you are a beginner. This kit consists of a portable speaker, connectors and a small card in which you can scan the code from your phone to redirect you to a how to video on some looks you could do. And since I don't have a smartphone at the moment, I just keep the card inside the kit.

The kit also includes 16 eye shadows that comes in neutrals and some colors. The texture also varies from shimmery to semi shimmery. It also includes the 24/7 waterproof liquid eyeliner, a travel size super curl curling mascara and the popular Urban decay primer potion in travel size form.

With the eye shadow primer itself I was like... 


Yes. I am over exaggerating, but by far of all the make up blogs I read around 80-90% of them have this as their holy grail eyeshadow primer. I will try other primers to compare for this in the future.

Now I will show you all the colors of the palette. I actually forgot to do swatches but you'll be able to see those in my next tutorials for sure.

First row (L-R: Blue Bus, Gunmetal, Cobra, Baked)
Blue Bus: Bright blue based purple shade. Frosty finish.
Gunmetal : Dark blue/gray. Shimmer sheen finish.
Cobra :dark cool toned brown that has a green sheen. mostly matte finish.
Baked: Bright copper. Frosty finish.

Second Row (L-R: Bender, Gravity, Lost, Hijack)
Bender: Forest green with a subtle green-gold sheen.
Gravity: Plum tinged shade. frosty finish.
Lost: dark bronze with red undertones. frosty finish.
Hijack: bluish teal with a silver shimmer. Has a frosty-metallic finish

Third Row: (L-R: Midnight Cowgirl, Sin, midnight rodeo, crystal)

Midnight Cowgirl: pale peachy shade with bit of gold sheen. Frosty finish
Sin: Pinkish champagne shade. Frosted finish with a metallic sheen
Midnight Rodeo: sparkly taupe brown shade.
Crystal: has bluish purple gray shade with a bit of a silver sheen.

Fourth Row: (L-R: Bust, Missionary, Skimp, Zephyr)

Bust - Grayish taupe brown shade. Soft frosted finish.
Missionary - soft beige-taupe shade. frosty finish.
Skimp - peach-beige with a pearl finish.
Zephyr - warm white with gold sheen. 

The colors are really easy to match and most of the looks you could do with these are neutrals which is good for everyday use. There were some shades that are powdery but still workable. Even without the primer, these eyeshadows do last for a long time. They are wickedly pigmented but you have to be careful since it may go out of hand if you apply too much on your eyes. 

Overall, I love this palette..why wouldn't I be blogging about it if I don't love it right? haha!

I am actually aiming to purchase the Naked palette. I know I'm so slow with the latest trends but quite honestly I don't like to go with hypes since most of them do flop in the long run. But its a case to case basis so let's just see.. I also have my eye on the Naked quads.. I think they are called Naked Basics or something..I will try to persuade my friend to buy me one in Sephora in Singapore if she will go there this summer.

What do you think about this palette? Have you tried this palette?

I'd love to know! Comment below on the comment box and see you on my next post!

Happy Wednesday!

Much Love!

xx Alice


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