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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Diet Diary: Fasting - oldest way of cleansing.

Hello everyone! Its Tuesday again and I hope you girls are feeling great. As for me I think I am coming up with colds or the flu. I have been feeling like this I think since Sunday but I think I'll survive. 

On today's post I will be sharing to you one of the oldest ways to cleanse the system - Fasting. When I was in Highschool we would have fasting sessions as a way to reflect things in our life. I think way beyond my years back then so fasting was something I do when I need to reflect on something I will be doing or to something that I have done. 

There are different types of fasting: Dry Fasting, Liquid Fasting and Partial Fasting.

Dry fasting is commonly known as Full fasting in which you abstain from all food and beverages for a certain amount of time. Probably in this fasting it would only last for 24 hours since the body is more likely to revert the after effects of abstaining to eating and drinking. Full fasting is mostly done if you have been practicing fasting for a long time.

Liquid fasting is when you refrain only to food. There are also two types of liquid fasting which are the water fasting and liquid fasting. The difference between the two is on water fasting you abstain from eating but you are allowed to drink only water. Liquid fasting is abstaining food but you are allowed to have soups to be consumed. I am currently under water fasting for two days and I will take the liquid fast for the remaining two days of my fasting period. Liquid fasting is also hard if you are used to eating a lot. One of the known after effects is that you are moody and you feel tired easily.

Lastly, Partial fasting, this kind of fasting actually more forgiving since you are only abstaining from 6am to 6pm. Think of this as like the after 6 diet but the difference is that you will only be given time to eat from 6pm to 6am the next day.

Fasting does have good things to do in the body such as:

 Detoxification of  the system. 
Gives rest to the digestive system. 
Boosts immunity. 
Helps you over come compulsive eating during stressful situations. 

With good benefits does give you negative ones which includes:

- Erratic mood swings.
- Feeling tired most of the time. 
- Sleepiness.

I am actually feeling the effects of fasting but I will try my best to continue doing this until the fourth day. I am in no way convincing you girls to also go through one since fasting is also a way to have a self realization and reflection on the things you do and would like to do more so I advise you girls to think over everything that you do for at least a thousand times.

Hope you like this post!

Much Love!

xx Alice


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