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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

vLog Round Up! 54-56 + lost vLog

Happy Tuesday! 

Can't believe its Tuesday again.. then its Wednesday then.. Christmas is coming! I have bought gifts for my brothers and my mom although my mom doesn't really want me to buy something from her this Christmas.. wala lang peg ni mother hen magpaka-modest daw po.. hay naku... haha! but still I am still on a look out for some gifts I'll be giving out to my officemates and my friends. I'm that giving you know! LOL

But enough about that.. this is a late vLog round update. I would say late because vLog round up are usually on Mondays but I forgot! so sorry! but anyway as compared to last week's vLog round up I wasn't able to vLog much because of our Christmas party.. You'll be able to see that vLog in a couple of days though.. Internet at home is such a b!@#$ these days..Should I change my internet provider? not sure though.. 

I will also include a lost vLog from my very first DEE day! DEE day is basically a fans day for the one and only Enchong Dee! You'll be able to meet some of my wonderful friends who are also supporters of Enchong. 

Comment below if you have any questions or suggestions :D 

I will be posting more articles within the day I do hope you girls understand!

Much Love!

Much Love! 



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