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Monday, December 3, 2012

vLog round up! 47-50

Hey Hey pretty lady! I am back!!!! 

I am super hyped today because I went on an awesome road trip with my friends which will be post on my travel blog. I really suggest you also subscribe in my other blog for food and travel blogs. 

But enough about that, this is my weekly round up of my vLogs on my youtube channel and since we are on that topic, I am so happy to be back to vLogging! I miss it a lot! and since its December I am so excited since I will be upgrading my camera...well I'm not so sure about that yet but if I will be upgrading my camera you will be the first one to know! :D 

My previous week was a roller coaster ride from being happy to not feeling okay. I know I'm weird like that so blame my hormones! :D 

I was able to attend a different kind of book launch from Stanley Chi's Pogi Points. I will be uploading the videos from this event soon. ^^,

How was your weekend? Let me know below and have a safe week!

Much Love!

xx Alice


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