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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Secret Beyond the Surface: Diana Stalder's Stem Cell Facial

What if you found the secret to skin's eternal youth? wouldn't it be wonderful to feel only softness and smoothness in your skin as you marvel in its beauty and glow? Or would you give this as a great Christmas gift to your mom or aunt? Because if you are Diana Stalder's latest treatment is a perfect Christmas gift for her!

The pioneer in facial and skin care centers in the Philippines, Diana Stalder lets you in on their newest anti-aging secret with the Casmara Stem Cell Facial. This treatment is an intelligent, self-rejuvenating and anti-aging treatment that stimulates our skin's stem cell.

In case you girls didn't know our skin has a powerful secret: It has the ability to independently restore our skin and also protect it to maintain our skin looking young. Unfortunately the older we get this ability slowly diminishes as well leading to skin deterioration like uneven skin and wrinkles.

Through science, The Casmara Stem Cell Facial awakens the skin's stem cells by providing the needed energy to improve the stem cell's function to rejuvenate our skin.

Being the first-of-it's kind treatment, this acts differently from daytime to nighttime. Chondricare, a powerful protein is unleashed to protect the skin's stem cells from harmful free radicals during the day and increases the stem cells energetic reserves by night. And if you are wondering about which skin type this is good for, its actually good for any skin type. The end results of this treatment can be seen after a few sessions unlike other treatments being offered in the market. The result is the skin will feel soft and smooth, your skin will look younger, more vibrant and revitalized.

the secret is out. Its time for you to experience it. Visit your nearest Diana Stalder branch today and see a younger, better you with the treatment just Yayo Aguila, the ambassadress for youthfulness that transcends beyond time.

I will definitely get my mom this for Christmas! :)

Have you tried this treatment?

I would love to know your experience! Comment below!

Much Love!

xx Alice


Rebecca De Roxas said... [Reply]

Wow! I would so love to try this facial treatment if only I'm in the Phil right now. Great post, sis!


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