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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Product Review: Elf Matte Pigments and Eyeshadow Pigments

Happy Wednesday! 

Happy Holidays everyone! I know most of you are in vacay mode since you don't have school or your company gave you a few days off and I virtually pat you at your back for a great time. I do have to go to work but that's okay since the first week of my January will a great one since I have a couple of days off from work! 

I will be posting some make up tutorials later this week that you can use for the holidays or on any occasion for that matter. But for now I will be sharing to you my review for these lovely pigments that was sent to me my Kiray08ever. Rose is a great friend of mine that I met on Youtube, you can check her blog and Youtube channel here and here. You can also post my 'unboxing' post of these babies right here. 

To start off these pigments are from Elf cosmetics which is known to be a great brand of cosmetics but it wouldn't break the bank. These are actually my first elf products so I was really excited to use them. 

As to what I've checked, these pigments are not available yet in the Philippines, I do hope Elf Philippines will make this available here! These are from the Studio line which costs around $3 each. It comes in a 1.5g amount of product.

 I actually got 9 shades in total which consists of six matte pigments and 3 semi matte ones. Here are the names of the pigments and their descriptions with swatches as well.

Charcoal - Matte Black pigment.
Pearl - Matte white pigment. 
Chestnut- matte brown.

Smoke - Grayish-purple 
Brick - Reddish brown shade. 
Mint - Light green shade

Innocent Ivory - Iridescent shimmery pigment
passionate purple - shimmery deep purple 
tropical teal - bright shimmery green.

The packaging is really simple and sleek although the sifter which is suppose to help dispense the right amount of product to avoid spillage is too little that you really have to take it off to get some product. Color pay off is good, although I only had one problem with mint since its too light and a little chalky, but the rest of the pigments are very pigmented. This also comes with a small brush but I wouldn't recommend the free brush since its too little. 

Things I like about the product: 

- Great color selection.
- Blends well.
- Very pigmented, except for mint.
- sleek packaging

Things I don't like about it:

- Not available in the Philippines.
- The sifter is not working.
- quite unhygienic if you are not using the sifter.

Over all verdict? 

I like these pigments! I have used them on some make up gigs and my clients love them! I love them as well since they are really nice to use. I am not an expert yet but these are really nice to use once you get used in doing make up with them.

Will I repurchase?

I don't think I will repurchase this since its not available in Manila. But if it becomes available here maybe I'll buy more shades.

Who Do You Recommend this to? 

I would recommend this to make up artists and also to those that would like to try pigments for their eye make up.

Have you tried this? If so what do you think about them? Let me know on the comment box below! I will be using these on some tutorials so watch out for it!

Much Love!

xx Alice


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