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Friday, December 21, 2012

November 2012 Haul

Sorry the picture is blurred TT_____TT

Hello ladies! I'm back! I'm so sorry this post is really late. I actually forgot to post this because of our Christmas presentation. 

I didn't really had a lot to buy last November since I purchased more on clothes which I really need for the holidays. I will try to post my very first fashion haul soon so watch out for it! 

Okay lets start of with my purchases from Cuties and Charms! 
The first one I purchased is a purple satchel that you can turn into a backpack! I wasn't able to include it in the picture above since my cousin borrowed that bag. 

The next one is a box set in which I will be using to store some of my brushes. I do have to purchase some decorative stones next time I go to daiso to complete that. 

The last one is the fruit lipglosses! I got one in Honey Peach and Pomegranate. I will do a review on these real soon! ^____^

Next item I bought are some stuff from Sophie Paris! If you want to order something from Sophie, just email me so I can buy it and ship it to you! :D

Okay going back...The stuff I got from Sophie  Paris are their dual ended brush that is their foundation and blush brush which is very dense and soft! I'll do a separate post about this soon!

The next one is a compact powder from the Kluge line of Sophie Paris. I haven't actually tried this line from Sophie Paris. I'll let you girls know what I think about this.

Now let's move on to the Avon products I got! I originally bought these as part of my traincase since I have been accepting make up gigs here and there. I'm not a professional make up artist but I am really thankful to my clients that have trusted me to handle their make up for their events. I will try to post one of my gigs here soon. 

The first item I got was the Ideal shades liquid foundation in Shell. This one is a bit too light for my skin though..although after some time it adjusts to my skin tone. The next item I got is the tinted make up base in pearl. This is a peach colored base you can use to counteract dullness of the face. 

I also got some mascaras which are the super curlacious mascara and the mineral mascara. 

Lastly, I also bought an air freshener! I bought this mainly because of our room...For some reason the smell of our room is not good. I think its because our room is near the bathroom so the smell coming there went to our room. Just my theory but not sure though..

I do hope you liked this post. I will be quite busy because of the Christmas season but I do hope that you still check out my blog! :) 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


Jenny Austria said... [Reply]

ang cute ng dualend :) wow fashion haul abangan koyan :)

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