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Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Birthday Wishlist

Hello ladies! I am making another post for today since I will be doing a week long posts of product reviews so make sure to watch out for it! 

Okay going back... I know you are wondering why I put Birthday wishlist rather than a Christmas one.. it is mainly because my birthday falls on January which means most people would be too stingy to give me another gift since they have already given me a Christmas gift.. 

kilala nyo kung sino sino kayo! wag magtago! LOL

I don't really mind if people do that to me I just hope they would tell it to me straight if the gift they have given me will also be my birthday gift. ayoko maging assuming teh~

For this year's birthday wish list, I really thought about it and I think these gift ideas for me would really be great. 

1. Kettleball. 

I wish for this one mainly because of my weight loss journey. Quite honestly I have gained a little weight within the past few weeks due to the stress Christmas is giving me. I'm hoping my brother would be able to get me this one so this can be my weights when I work out. 

2. Yoga mat. A pink or patterned one if there is. 

I have started doing yoga again and I can't do some moves since the mat I'm using is not fit for yoga. I actually fell on my butt on one pose which is painful. 

3. Any Etude House skin care product. 

I actually had this on my Christmas wish list for our office Christmas party and thankfully my office mate bought me a lippie from EH. I will be buying some on my birthday but it would really be great if someone buys me one ^__^ please do buy me the one that is good for oily acne prone skin ok?? ^_____^

4. Samsung S2 

My brother actually has one of this and this is a direct way of me saying...


I know my brother reads my blog since he knows what I have been writing here. If you give me your S2 promise di kita aawayin sa 2013! haha! ako pa maglilinis ng daanan sa kwarto mo :D please please kuya :D 

5. Beanie! 

In all honesty, mababaw lang kaligayahan ko. If you give me a piece of candy, it would really make me smile. But don't do that to me always coz I'm not a kid anymore k? a simple kpop inspired beanie like the one posted about would be okay for me. I like to collect beanies but I don't wear them. Waley lang peg lang :D 

6. Inspiron 15z ultrabook

I have seen this laptop one time when me and my guy friends went hunting for new gadgets. I really like this one since it has a touchscreen. If ever my sponsor *ehem KUYA* would reconsider this I really hope he gets me a silver one, not a pink one.. nakakasawa na pag puro pink! :D

That's all for my Christmas.. este Birthday wish list!

If ever you want to give me a gift this Christmas or on my birthday this January, keep these stuff in mind ok?

Much Love!

xx Alice


SunnyToast said... [Reply]

Goodluck to your wishes and advance happy birthday and merry christmas!

Alice said... [Reply]

@SunnyToast thanks dear! :)

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