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Monday, December 31, 2012

Michelle Phan's Midnight Luster look for New Year's

 Hello lovelies! I hope you are having a great New Year ahead of you wherever you are! 

I was actually thinking of just doing any look I can come up with for the New Years but I saw Michelle Phan's and I was like I want that look. Call me a copy cat but I love this look, its sexy, simple and nice to do. And instead of saying its my own I will just post this as a response to her's. Ang arte! haha!

But in all honesty, I got a lot of feedback that it looks great and its close to hers which is a big big complement ^__^ I really wish to meet her someday and ask her if she can mentor me.. a girl can dream right? :) 

Here's a comparison picture for you to see ^____^

Looks similar right? 

Here's how to achieve this look: 
- Apply foundation or bb cream of choice. I used powder and concealer for this look instead. 
- apply primer all over the lids and also to the lower lashes.
- use a creamy black eye liner as base to create the shape of your eye make up
- blend out the color for a smoldering effect.
- apply an iridescent color to the rest of the lids.
- blend it to avoid harsh lines
- apply a blue-purple eye shadow in the middle of the first 2 colors for a pop of color.
- create a sexy cat eye liner
- apply blue eye liner to your water line
- apply white eye shadow to the inner corners of your eyes
- curl your lashes and apply mascara
- add a pop of shine with gold eye shadow on your lower lashes
- contour your cheeks and nose for a more defined face in pictures
- apply highlighter to desired areas
- Line your lips with red lip liner
- apply red lipstick

Products used: 

Careline Pimple concealer
Avon shine free pressed powder in Almond
Elf Pigment in Innocent Ivory
Urban Decay's Book of Shadows eye shadow in Gravity
Urban Decay's 24/7 waterproof eye liner in perversion
Sophie Paris' J'adore lipstick in Russian Red
Avon Glimmersticks eye liner in blue
Avon Super Shock Mascara
Qianyu gold and while eye shadow
Quanyu black eye liner and red lip liner

I hope you all have a great and blessed New Year ahead! :) 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


Janine M. said... [Reply]

Yay! I love this recreation! I love that look by Michelle Phan! Kakawatch ko lang the other day. :)

Bakit feeling ko her eyelids are the perfect lids to put eye makeup on? So jealous. :))

Alice said... [Reply]

@Janine M. Me too! I feel so jelly with her eye lids! But I remember she mentioned in a video that she got her lids done since hindi daw pantay glad you liked this look Janine :)

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