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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Like and Share? Can you do it for Real this Christmas?

Seems like we see this a lot on Facebook and other social networking sites. But here is a question you can ask for yourself - What do I really LIKE and what would I be willing to SHARE?

Like basically is something that you want for yourself. Ang selfish naman! lol but really, that's the reality. Something we like is something we want for ourselves, you can say you like to have a new smartphone or a new car.

Personally, I would like to have a smartphone, Preferably a Samsung Galaxy S2 phone but if that's exceeding your budget then I can go for a Myphone A898 phone instead. I would love either of those for the sheer fact that I can take pictures, videos and contact my friends thru SNS sites just with a few taps.

I would also like to have at least 2 new pairs of heels from Parisian or Ferretti. I have seen their collection and ay que mio! the shoes are to die for! I am now starting to be more fashion savvy. The outfit kaya na eh.. shoes lang yung problem. TT.TT

Lastly, I would like to have a great feast for my family. Kala nyo puro saken lang yung likes no? WIT! haha! I would really like to just have dinner with my family to a great restaurant. We haven't done that in a while kaya nakakamiss!

For sharing, its not really a necessity that you give out money since sharing, like gifts, its more on the thought that counts.

Time. I would like to share my time with anyone, especially animals that needed a lot of attention and love. I would love to spend time with dogs from the pound and let them experience the love and caring so they would forget how life was hard for them.

Talent. Besides from blogging I'm also a singer. I would love to share my talent and love for music to children. Music actually became my friend during the times I needed someone to console me. Music is a universal key for us to channel out our emotions. And I'd love to share my talent with everyone with workshops or one on one training sessions. Malay mo yung mamentor ko yung susunod na singing super star na pala. 

Laughter. If you see or met me the first time, people might think that I am a snob. But in reality I am not a snob or high maintenance, I am a very low maintenance kind of girl. I'm also known by some to be really funny. I would love to share my antics with anyone and make them laugh. I am very comical and I am very animated kakanuod ko kasi ng anime pati mannerism nila nakuha ko na! LOL

And why am I writing about this? This is actually for the Filipinos Bloggers Hub first Christmas Party that will be held at cocoon boutique hotel. I hope I will be able to join them later but I can't because I will be in tagaytay later today.

I hope you guys have fun!

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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