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Friday, December 21, 2012

Kpop Friday! Last Minute gift Ideas for your Kpop fanatic friends! :)

Hello ladies! As the time ticks so does the Christmas rush goes on and on.Can you feel it? Disregard the end of the world crap. ITS.NOT.TRUE. arte much? LOL

I'm here to share to you some Kpop inspired gift ideas.

If you have a friend that has a penchant for Kpop stuff like skin care, Kdrama and what not I suggest you get them at least one item related to Kpop or Korean culture in general. personally I would prefer getting a Korean spoon and chopsticks set as a Christmas gift since I really really really love Korean food :D 

If your friend is more on the skincare side, you can opt for the Water Sleeping pack duo set which consists of the water pack and additional skin care items. This can also be a great gift for your guy friends since Laneige has a male skin care line.


If your friend is more on the music, then why not get them an album of their favorite Kpop singer or group? Or just buy them some on Itunes ^0^

For the Kpop friend that likes Kpop fashion, then get them something like a beanie ^_^ Kpop accessories are easy to find and quite cheap too! You can check out cuties and charm if you want to look for funky accessories.

And lastly, for that Kpop friend that loves last option is get them a subscription to a KDrama streaming the ones from Netflix but only streams Kdramas. It would really mean so much for them since they would be on top of the latest Kdrama trends.

Over all, giving these kinds of gifts means that you've put a lot of effort or have noticed them nudging you to get it for them..that just means that you care for them.

Have fun this Christmas season and have a great weekend!

Much Love!

xx Alice


Arsene Grand said... [Reply]

great post..i also have the same gifts given last those hong kong fashion stuff..

Alice said... [Reply]

@Arsene Grand thanks for dropping by! :)

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