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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kpop Friday: Christmas and New Year in Korea

Hello lovelies!

I am so sorry that this is a late post for Kpop Friday! ChaChi my computer has been going crazy on me again in which the only thing to fix it is to buy a new capacitor for it soon so I can be back to blogging at home. 

How was your holidays so far? Have you ate a lot from the parties? My goodness I think I have packed some pounds because of the holidays. but this is not going to be a diet diary but a Kpop Friday post! haha!

I have been working as an Online English Teacher for two years now and whenever the Christmas time comes the most asked question we have is: How are you going to spend your Christmas? - quite cliche but its true. 

Koreans - unlike any other east asian countries do celebrate Christmas as a national holiday since 30% of its population is practicing Christianity. Although Buddhist is the main religion, there are some people that practice western Christmas traditions. 

There is not much difference between our way to how Koreans spend their Christmas, the only difference is Christmas in Korea is more of a religious celebration rather than an all out gift fest for some. I remember one time I asked my student what she got for Christmas and all she said was I don't know teacher.

I was stunned when she said that because I grew up knowing that Christmas won't be the same without gifts, may it be small or big there should be one for your loved ones and yourself as well. Not to be on the materialistic side but that is what some have grown up to right?

In Korea, Christmas is also a time for couples. I have heard my teenage students telling me that they will be going to an amusement park with his or her partner and just enjoy their time there, amusement park also hold special events to singles so they can find a partner for Christmas. Christmas also is a time to party with your friends.  Most of my students that are in University told me they commonly go clubbing with their friends and get wastes. Yes. Get wasted. I just shake my head because I have done that and I can't believe they do that on Christmas day.

There are some that attend Christmas Mass with their families and eat out or go on camp trips with their family.

Of course since we are talking about Christmas, there would be a Christmas feast. But unlike the typical western Christmas feast that has turkey and other delectable treats, The Korean Christmas feast serves typical Korean dishes.

Now on to New Year since New Year is just a day or two away. Koreans actually don't make a big fuss about this Holiday since they go by the Chinese or Lunar Calendar. But since there are a lot of Christians and foreigners that live in Korea, there are some that hold New Year parties and also there is a big fireworks display. They do put more effort when it is Seolal or the Lunar New Year.

Over All Christmas and New Years in Korea is just like any other day for some Koreans since they are not Christians so don't expect all Koreans know western Christmas practices.

How is you holiday?  I hope you are having a splendid one!

Much Love!

xx Alice 


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