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Monday, December 24, 2012

Hyuna's Ice Cream Inspired Look

Hello ladies! Its a day before Christmas? Are you excited? 

I am! I'm not into the gifts since I know if I don't get it now I might get it on my birthday instead :D 

Oh by the way this week will be full of reviews so expect double posts :D 

This will be about Hyun A's latest MV which is Ice Cream. This song is really catchy especially the chorus. I was actually caught singing it on the elevator one time I went to buy some snacks..ugh the embarrassment!  the one that caught me is a Korean who works for another company in our building.. good thing I was wearing my glasses then :D 

Okay going back to the blog post! 

This look is an inspired one since I'm not really sure if she only used one color for this look or two colors. I went for only one color to be safe. 

I find this make up really easy and you can actually do this look for a party look if you are in a hurry...

Did I say this tutorial is also in Filipino which is my native tongue? I will be translating this here instead if you don't speak tagalog :) 

How to achieve this look. 
1. Apply Foundation or BB cream of choice (not shown in video)
2. Prime your lids
3. Apply a sky blue eye shadow on your lids. 
4. Line the eyes. 
5. Apply a white eyeliner on your inner corners and also at the half of lower lashline
6. Curl lashes and apply mascara.
7. contour cheeks. 
8. Apply pink lipstick. 

And we are done! :) This look is very easy  which is great if you are starting. The only tricky part is the eyeliner since Hyun A has a distinct kind of eyeliner trick that is fit if you have small eyes. 

Here's the video version ^____^

Hope you like this look!

Much Love!

xx ALice 
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