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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Diet Diaries: Dance Your Heart Out This Christmas

Hello ladies! As of this posting, I am exhausted from dancing. Yes! even at work I try to work out. But this dancing is not just for fun but its for our Christmas presentation. Luckily me and my office mates were able to finish the whole routine a couple of minutes ago. 

Dancing is I think one of the easiest and most fun way to lose those extra pounds. Since you are moving your body and enjoying yourself while you lose the weight. I remember when I was a kid my mom would let me join dance practice of her girls which consists of jazz, ballet, and some modern dance. I wore some blinged up leotards and leggings back in the day! haha!

Modern dancing is very much different since its a mixture of different genres. I think the first dance steps I learned back then were body boray.. sorry I don't know the spelling, but its from a latin dance.. I think that was salsa or something.. Ang slow ko na! >.<

If you want to lose some pounds this Christmas season, take part in Christmas presentations! I know it may seem draggish to take part in those presentation. But look at it this way, You will be able to show your talent (or try to at least) and also be a star for a couple of minutes. Its not a shame to do that since its only once in a year. Wag na pa-impakta matsitsinelas ko mukha mo! - My dance teacher's infamous line.

But if you don't want to risk your dignity in that. Try to dance at home for at least 15 minutes. Especially now that most households are blasting some Christmas jingles (believe me my mom does that starting September) you can try to shimmy shimmy some moves before you head to work. 

Last option is to join a dance studio. I've seen this dance studio a couple of months ago and they are offering unlimited dance classes for only 3,500PHP. Dance classes include jazz, ballet, hip hop, and some other genre. The name of the dance studio is Movement studios.

I'm a little interested but as of the moment their schedule doesn't fit mine. Maybe next year when I have a lot of time in my hands.

How about you? what kind of dance would you like to rock to this Christmas?

Let me know on the comment box below!

Much Love!

xx Alice


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