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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Back Logs, Food Blog, and a Whole Lot of Drama

Hey Girls! I'm really sorry I have been MIA-ing this couple of days with in terms of vLogging, blogging and updating my SNS (Social Networking Sites) It's just that I've been very busy with a lot of things in the personal aspects of my life. 

This blog is also a part of my personal life since I share to you some things about what has been happening to me but I seriously don't want to jinx up my dating life. 

Yes. You read that right, I am back to dating! 

I actually haven't stopped dating but I just didn't put that as a priority in my life since family and friends, work, this blog and my youtube channel comes as to my top priorities. I just got back dating and I have been dating lately but it didn't work out so I moved on to the next one. 

Ang landi lang! haha! 

But quite honestly, I am like that when I'm seeing someone. You will know if they are serious or not just on the first date even if both of you have the jitters. I put my best foot forward and make the experience as memorable as possible. If it doesn't work out at least we have good memories to remember right?

I won't go into much details with my dating life since I haven't really done much. I will also be revamping my Food and travel blog which is why I'm lacking on some posts here. I am still conceptualizing if I should put a banner on it..and what kind should I use? Designing a layout is harder when you haven't done it for so long.

Also expect a lot of back log posts since I will be busy for a couple of days. I will still do some weekly posts like vLog round up if ever I posted some vlogs last week, make up 101, diet diaries and of couse Kpop Friday. Please do understand that I am juggling more that one blog and other SNS accounts so I will be busy and will be late on some occasions but still expect great articles soon!

Also! I am still coming up with prizes for my blog Anniversary/youtube birthday/ My birthday giveaway! If there are any interested sponsors please do email me at

Hope you girls have a safe and wonderful New Year ahead!

Much Love!

xx Alice 


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