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Monday, November 5, 2012

vLog Round up 40-46

Hello wonderful ladies! I am back with another vLog round up! 

As of now I am blogging in my new station. I'll post pictures of my new station soon so watch out for it! lol I actually get a bit conscious blogging in my station now since everyone can see what I am doing, but what the hey its a perk that I can blog at work ^^, 

Okay back to the topic.

I'm really sorry I wasn't able to post vLog round up the other week because I forgot..and I won't be posting one next week since my desktop computer at home is broken. I do have a laptop, but I'm quite used to using my desktop to edit my videos. I'm being sentimental of my stuff which is a little weird for some actually lol.

If ever I would blog maybe it will be posted on a later date.. I miss vLogging! 

I will try to upload videos using my laptop so make sure to visit my youtube channel. ^^, 

Much love! 

xx Alice 


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