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Friday, November 2, 2012

October 2012 Haul

Hey hey pretty ladies! I am back with a new blog post! Sorry been MIA for almost a day because of my four day vacay which I am sooo happy about! I will be posting a LOT of back logs for this couple of days so I hope you ladies understand. 

I have been majorly holding back on my cosmetics purchases which led me to purchase other items...I was still able to purchase some cosmetics but I have a good reason! haha! let's start shall we? 

First up will be the cosmetics which are four compacts: one from maybelline while three from Ever Bilena. I actually saw this ad for a make up swap on EBAY and I was like is this for real? I was able to contact the owner of that ad and talked to her about it and guess what its legit! but as of the moment she had closed down her account since I was her last swap buddy. 

Okay so going back to the product, I got 4 compacts - all brand new. I got them as an addition to my make up kit. I have accepted make up gigs but only small ones for free or for a small fee since I am just starting. I won't blog yet of my creations or my gigs since I am only starting and also my clients didn't want to be featured. I got 3 from Ever Bilena and 1 from Maybelline. I will do another separate post on these so don't worry.  

I also got a new make up remover! I was trying to purchase my Holy grail make up remover from Sophie but unfortunately they have discontinued that product which broke my heart a but luckily they have a new make up remover which is a wipes type...if that makes sense. I will surely make a post about this product so make sure to wait for it this month! :) 

And since I was on hold with my make up purchases I HAD to divert my purchases which brought me to shoes! I think the last time I bought a decent pair of shoes was able a year a go. And I am not joking about that. I have I think only a couple of sandals that I use for special occasions and the rest of my foot wear would be slip ons. I was able to purchase 3 new shoes...well 2, my mom bought the sports shoes. 

I bought a nice pair of Natasha sandals and a gorgeous pair of boots. I have worn the boots a couple of times last October which got me lots of compliments because its really unique. I have worn the Natasha sandals for a couple of times too which is great if you want to look taller without making your feet suffer. The  last pair was a nike sports shoes that my mom brought me. She saw my worn out shoes that made her decide to buy me one so my feet won't kill me when I'm running with Georgia or when I'm having Zumba. I love my mom because she knows how hard I really want to slim down that she makes a way for me to be comfortable too. ^^.

Here's another Ebay item that I got in the mail which I was surprised because I thought this is a small tube, but in reality its not. Its a HUGE one. Its a hand cream called Glycomed. I actually can't remember the seller since I was just browsing and when I saw this I thought of taking care of my hands since I tire them a lot. I will do a review about this too for sure :) 

 And lastly, I got accessories!  I have started a phase again with accessories. I can honestly say that when I was younger I had an obsession with earrings - hoop earrings to be exact, but after some time I got tired of it that I just left my earrings in my jewelry box or I gave them away. But I think I won't get tired of my necklace obsession since it can easily perk up my outfit. I got  all these accessories from Cuties and Charms. 

I first got the purple Ice watch, then the 2 cute bows and then the necklaces. You can get couples watches also from Cuties and Charms so make sure to drop by their page here to check out their products.

That's it for my haul. Sorry its super full..I just missed blogging long posts and I think this is a great time for that haha! 

What's your latest purchase? Let me know on the comment box and I'll talk to you soon!

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


Aya said... [Reply]

Ooooh shoes! Sometimes shopping for clothes and shoes are even more fun than shopping for makeup :D

Alice said... [Reply]

@Aya I totally agree! ^^.

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