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Friday, November 2, 2012

October 2012 Favorites!

Hey hey! I am back with another post! Its the first week of the month again and its time for my favorites! 

Its really hard to track all the stuff that I've been using but thankfully I was just using the same stuff last October. So lets start! 

Let's start with make up. I have not been using make up a lot purely because I am busy running my Sophie Paris business. I am now in my second month of being a member and I am getting so much orders its crazy! haha! And also because of my other side lines I can't really go through the whole process of applying make up so my routine was just powder, lip balm, and lipstick. 

And thankfully I look a lot more presentable with just these products. The powder that I have been loving and using is the Avon Simply Pretty Shine Free Pressed powder in Almond. I swear this powder saves my life when I am getting my shine. 

For lip balm I went back to my HiP jelly balm from L'oreal because I really want to finish out the product. And I've noticed that since the weather is getting a little colder, my lips have become dry and chappy so this one is my lifesaver. I love my carmex lip balm, but I don't want to mix it up with my lipstick. 

My lipstick at the moment is Avon shine attract lipstick in Passionate Red. At first I find the color too bright for me, but when I add on my lip balm which has a dark tint, it becomes just right. I have gotten some compliments that it looks great and its not overwhelming which is really good. 

Now lets move on to hair stuff. I am totally head over heels with up top hair styles like high buns and pony tails but my main problem is my hair is thin that its really hard to do those pouf buns that either I resort on using hair spray or teasing my hair. I don't want to do those since it can damage my hair big time. I did resort in using styling mousse which I got from Woolsworth. This is in regular hold which is just right for my hair. This product makes my hair thicker which is really awesome! 

Now let's move on to skin care, I have been loving my Nivea Visage Sparkling White acne oil control cleansing foam since it did made a difference in my face so far. The product does take away the oil and shine, it minimizes the pores and made my skin incredibly smooth. I wasn't able to mention those on the review because I was really just writing what was in my head that moment. I like the product but I'm not sure if this is still available.. is it? Let me know if you've seen this product in your drugstore k?  

 Next on the list is scents. I have been using the same scents but I added my Victoria's Secret called Love to Flirt. I was looking for a light scent for the day since my VS moon lit jasmine smells heavy during the day and tends to be overwhelming in daytime.

 Next up is health products. If you girls remembered last January I won a date with Enchong Dee and also I won a set of their weight management products which these were part of. I actually stopped taking them around March because I thought I can just leave them and just go with diet and exercise. Well it didn't go on track unfortunately so I went back taking them. These are not slimming pills if you want to know, these are products that can actually help you speed up your metabolism. And they have been working great but I think I need to change my routine since I haven't lost a lot of weight nowadays. 

And last but definitely not the least my very FIRST fashion favorite. 

I am not in any way fashionable, but I am not trying to be since I want to be more presentable to everyone I meet. I am not really the type that fusses over outfits and I prefer comfort over style, but luckily this pair of boots gave me the style and comfort that I need. I actually just got this around the first week of October and I've worn them during the BDJ event and they are so comfortable I am seriously in love with these! 

I've actually thought of a lot of styles that would be great with these shoes that made me think of going into a shopping spree soon. Oh my goodness this is trouble LOL. 

I think on my next haul post you won't be seeing much cosmetics but more on clothes! haha! 

I do hope you enjoyed reading this post. Sorry its also a bit long but that's okay. ^^, 

So what have you been lovin' last October? 

Let me know on the comment box below and I'll talk to you soon! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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